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Product Review, Natural Hair

Hair blogger and beauty enthusiast, Paula Keta, creates beautiful curls in her 4c hair using the Girl Boss Mango & Marula range for natural hair, available at Game stores. Check out the step-by-step process in this video to see how these products worked for her. This video is also availabe on Paula’s YouTube channel. 

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The Healing Powers of Celery

We are well into 2019 and by now most people have picked up the working out momentum that comes with the New Year. Have you ever noticed how packed the gym is at the start of a New Year and how the crowd slowly decreases as the months pass by? Of course we would all […]

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Why I Keep A Journal

by Wezi Ginindza I never could tell the purpose of writing in a journal, recording your daily progress, writing about what you have learnt and writing about what you are grateful for. At first, I thought keeping a diary or journal was useless and I also found writing about myself and how I feel a […]

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Living in Austria

Today marks the 143th day since I left the motherland and temporarily moved to Austria. It is also my last day, and I’ve never been so anxious and excited in my life! So, you know how we always talking about ‘leaving this country man’, living in Austria has made me realize that there is no […]

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