5 Destinations That Made Me Marvel About The World Outside SA


Colorado – USA

I’m tempted to say Colorado is one of the most beautiful places on earth! It’s scattered with mesmerising natural features such as the Rocky Mountains, the Garden of the Gods, hot springs, and an edgy art scene that makes one consider if they could produce a Mona Lisa one day.

I spent three weeks in Colorado discovering that: hiking in the snow, eating scones (Biscuits) with bacon, egg, and mushroom sauce and learning about the history of native Americans are the perfect ingredients to a great holiday


Doha – Qatar

If you find yourself thinking about what you’d do if you won a million Rands, I’d suggest you stop dreaming and go to Doha!

Qatar was my first intercontinental trip, and at 18, having grown up in a township, I never knew there were parts of the world that were this breath-taking. This city made me discover what wealth and opulence embodied and inspired me to challenge everything I thought was real. Seeing 17-year-olds drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris, waking up to skyscrapers that dance with the clouds and tasting food that had real gold shavings gave me a feeling I have never been able to replicate. During this trip, I promised myself that I would always be curious about wealth and more importantly what life outside of my country is like.

Harare – Zimbabwe

Going to Zimbabwe was the longest, shortest distance of my life, although only meant to be 12-hours, the drive double and become a whole day event. The drive, however, was symbolic of the trip, I came in expecting very minimal from it, and it exceeded my expectations.

Zimbabwe’s rustic nature has preserved a beauty about being African, that filled me with pride whilst there. The Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences, gave me an opportunity to engage with a history that centered on highlighting African origin and our spirit instead of focusing on oppression, it was liberating. Visiting the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare and learning about Shona roots, African art and where we as a people originate made the trip a love letter to my African-ness and inspired me to devote myself to empowering Africans.

by Gigi Ngcobo


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