Ocean’s 8 Review

The Oceans’ franchise has gone back a few digits, allowing for another trilogy with all new characters. We have the 1960s original Ocean’s 11 starring Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and more, followed by the Steven Soderbergh remake from 2001 that became a trilogy (Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13) starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and more. Ocean’s 8 is the introduction to another complete Ocean’s trilogy with a female cast. It is not a remake of Ocean’s 11, but rather a spinoff and a continuation that extends the story of the conman Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney) by focusing on his younger sister and the influence that he had on her life.

Debbie Ocean has adopted some of her brother’s bad habits and proves that intellect and eye for detail runs in the family. She mirrors his personality from the very beginning of the film when she partakes in the same interview he had to take before being released from prison, giving similar answers and taking her performance even further with some emotional manipulation tactics. Just like her brother, she goes right back to her old ways with a master plan to steal a heavily guarded item worth a gazillion dollars. She puts together a team of skilled women that could use a few millions in their pockets and they proceed to try stealing the said item.

As far as heist films go, we’ve seen it all at this point. There aren’t many new directions one can take with this genre now so it is quite refreshing to see a group of women execute a heist, as its not something we get to see often. Not only are they smart and not over-sexualized, as Hollywood often portrays women to be, but they are also multifaceted and relatable.

All the acting was great but I especially enjoyed watching Cate Blanchette, who I think I’ve even developed a girl crush on for her performance. Time is really her friend, she is just ageing like wine.

Of course, as a Rihanna fan, I was personally most excited to see Riri play 9 Ball, the master hacker. She didn’t have too many lines but she looked fire in those faux dreads and her performance was fun to watch. Not too little, not too much.

I will admit that there were moments in the movie that felt kind of slow. Some scenes dragged on a little and would have been more impactful if they were shorter. However, this is the same way I felt about Ocean’s 11, so it is in keeping with the way the originals were made, which is respectable.

This addition to Steven Soderberg’s Ocean’s trilogy honours the style of its prequels by maintaining the same style and pacing. It is well written; taking advantage of all the possible perks that would come with having an all-female heist crew. The comedy is subtle yet impactful and the characters are multi-faceted and authentic. Judging by the execution of Ocean’s 8, we will be seeing more of our girls in the upcoming movies and I am so here for it.


Fun Spoiler*

Instead of a casino, they are stealing from the Met Gal and the whole execution of the Gala is very convincing with all the celebrities and designers. Fashion lovers will thoroughly enjoy the cameos and the glamour. You may also be slightly distracted, watching this movie places so much emphasis on celebrities at the Met Gala if you know that Rihanna actually hosted the real life version of this same event this year.  She dominates this event every single year so we know that her character in the movie is the sole reason they couldn’t include her in the staged Met. It amused me a little. But then again, I’m quite easily amused.


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