This Tyler Perry production is a Comedy about a Girl Boss named Danica (played by Tikka Thomson) who is trying to become the first black woman to be a VP in her advertising company when her life is disrupted by her ex-felon sister, Tanya (played by Tiffany Haddish). When Tanya is released from prison she gets her nose all the way in Danica’s personal life and gets involved in her love life, uncovering the fact that Tanya could possibly be getting Catfished by the man she claims to be in a relationship with. It’s a story about all that could go wrong when two sisters with completely contrasting personalities and lifestyles try to look out for each other.


In terms of the storyline, we were pleasantly surprised at some of the plot twists that made it less predictable than most romantic comedies. However, some of the characters that came in towards the end scenes were a bit silly, which almost took the movie into the realm of slapstick, childish humour. One of the characters is a nice surprise cameo for fans of comedy and black stand-up comedy.


We also see Tiffany Haddish flaunt her authenticity and outshine the whole cast as she steps into a character that brings out her funniest self. In our previous Comedy movie review we spoke about how intersting it was to see her play a character that holds more authority and that also serves as a guide for other characters to learn from because she is usually type-cast as the “hood” girl. But there is a positive side to type-casting, as it really allows the artist to do what they do best. Tiffany is immensely more fun to watch in this movie than the previous one. She fully embodies the character and inserts her own personal trademarks into the performance. She is just a bubble of positivity that brings a lot of heart to the movie.


Whoopi Goldberg was also a treat to watch as she doesn’t really get involved in the film industry as much lately. In Nobody’s Fool, she is laid back and funny, as usual. We especially enjoyed seeing the comedic chemistry between her and Haddish, as two trailblazers in Comedy history for black women of two different generations.


We highly recommend this movie for a girl’s night out. The cast is a combination of stunning, funny Girl Bosses and gorgeous heart-throbs.


Girl Boss rating: 6/10


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