You Must Trim Your Split Ends To grow Your Hair

by Lebogang Mashasha

When you think of growing your hair, cutting it to aid growth doesn’t sound right…but that is exactly what is needed to get healthy hair.

What Are Split Ends?

Split ends are the frayed tips of the hair which have divided into two or more parts due to damage. The hair shaft weakens due to various factors which causes the hair to “split”. This is where cuticle loss begins and texture of the hair feels thin. The ends of our hair are the parts of our hair which have been there the longest and are often the weakest parts due to friction, over manipulation and heat.

What Causes Split Ends?

There are various elements which contribute to the overall condition of hair which worsen split ends:

  • Hair Accessories: rubber bands, pins and hair clips cause damage to hair especially when removed without caution
  • Hair Styling Tools: the excessive use of styling tools such as hair dryers, flat irons, brushes, combs, and rollers
  • Environmental Factors: cold/hot weather, pollution in the air
  • Lack of a Healthy Hair Regimen: poor maintenance of hair such as not doing any treatments (protein, hot oil or deep conditioning treatments
  • Chemical Treatments: frequently using colouring, relaxers or perms
  • Towel-Drying: using towels to dry hair often damages hair and worsens split ends. It is best to use micro-fibre towels or a clean old cotton t-shirt to dry hair
  • Dryness: lack of proper moisturising of hair especially for natural hair because African hair naturally dry and prone to dryness
  • Every Day Manipulation: Combing, styling, detangling hair daily can cause split ends

Recommended Products To Prevent Split Ends

Adopting a healthy hair regimen will reduce the number of split ends you have and the frequency of their occurrence. Hair should be moisturised and sealed. This means applying a moisturising product, followed by an oil-based product such as on or butter or hairfood. Both Natural Hair and Relaxed Hair develop split ends.

Here’s a list of recommended Girl Boss products to use daily to assist in preventing the occurrence of split ends:

Relaxed Hair:

  • Mango & Marula Oil Lotion
  • Mango & Marula Hair & Braid Spray
  • Mango & Marula Growth Hair Food

Natural Hair:

  • Mango & Marula Leave-in Conditioner
  • Mango & Marula Hair Growth Oil
  • Mango & Marula Growth Butter


How To Get Rid Of Split Ends?

The most effective and simplest way is to trim the split ends off. Split ends cannot be fixed or mended or glued back together. Trimming hair every 3-4 months is the best way to prevent split ends from developing, you need only trim about 3mm. Your hair grows about 1cm a month if it is well maintained. Hair should be trimmed when it feels overly tangled, knotted and has visible spit-ends. You should know your hair well enough for you to notice when this happens.


*How To Trim Your Hair*

Tools: scissors (used for hair only, using scissors which have been used to cut anything other than hair will actually cause even more split ends) and a comb

  1. Section hair into 4 quarters
  2. Finger detangle hair or use a comb to get rid of knots
  3. Section hair into smaller equal parts
  4. Twist hair and ensure that each quarter has the same number of twists
  5. Take one twist at a time and hold it in-between fingers (index and thumb)
  6. Slide your fingers from roots down towards the ends
  7. Stop where the hair texture begins to look or feel thin
  8. Cut off hair at this point

If you do not want to twist your hair; simply follow all the steps and leave out step 4

Go to the salon and have a professional do it for you if you are uncomfortable with trimming your own hair.


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