Greece: The Land of the Gods

This black girl here is in Greece y’all! You can just imagine my excitement about this excursion. I mean it’s not everyday you hear that part of one’s itinerary includes a stop in Greece, but I am ever grateful.

Upon landing in Greece, because it falls part of the European Union (EU), in my head I had expected to see yet again the typical European landscape of ancient grey buildings and basilicas everywhere, with an obvious modern touch. Not in Greece.

It forms part of the Mediterranean countries, therefore is made up of plenty apartments and old but stable buildings. Roads are narrow and congested, with people everywhere. But because of their rich history of Greek mythology, and ancient deities, you can expect to find classical buildings located almost everywhere in the city of Athens; the Parthenon, which is on top of the Acropolis (the most important surviving one). What fascinates me the most about historical site-seeing is the narrative behind the construction of everything. There is always a story to go with it, like the Temple of Poseidon. Society was different then, relationships were more meaningful, and leaders were loved and honoured.

There are numerous amounts of beautiful views, where you can just stop to take in the beautiful city, and the fact that you are on the land of the forefathers of alphabets, modern languages and also most thought/belief systems that are still in practice today.


I made a stop at the Delphi Museum where I came across the statue of my friend Socrates (1 of the 2 greatest philosophers in Greek history). Thanks to the two semesters of a philosophy course I took, I knew how great of a thinker he was. Part of my historical tour required that we make a stop at the Acropolis Museum where I discovered many other artifacts, important people, symbols and statues of the ancient times. I still envy how well the Europeans have archived their history.

And If you have read my previous travel posts, you would know just how much I am all about food, but most importantly Mediterranean cuisine. Tzatziki Tzatziki Tzatziki, I was at the right place to savor my love for this dip. Also, lets’s not forget the Pita Bread with fresh salads and kebabs, seafood galore, tasteful vegetarian dishes, I was simply in food heaven!

What are your favourite destinations and acticities to do there? Let us know, so we can put together a list of destination and things to do whilst we’re there!



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