9 Powerful quotes from Dr Kopano Matlwa-Mabaso: Author of Coconut, Spilt Milk and Period Pain

  • “I write self-indulgently, I write for my own sake.”
  • “I believe that good writing is honest writing, it’s the kind of stuff that you are too embarrassed to share publicly.”
  • “My writing is living, it’s sort of a dance with the reader and together we unpack things.”
  • “We [society] allow a white girl to have all sorts of complexities, but at my time, there was only one way to be black.”
  • “What does it mean to be black and who decides?”
  • “I think it’s still a legacy of the colonial project where it’s a binary thing, you either are or not, and I think we are much more than whatever sort of description or boxes that we can put our people.”
  • “Coconut spoke about identity and I think young people should be able to decide that for themselves.”
  • “’Coconut was an appeal to celebrate who we are and not be afraid and ashamed of that.”
  • “For my daughter, I hope to not raise her with the idea that there is either this right or this wrong or that there’s this way and there’s that way. I hope that she will be comfortable to explore and live the questions that even I can’t predict or foresee.”

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