How A Vision Board Can Help You Achieve Your Deepest Desires

by Nonhle Matsebula

There’s a constant saying that goes along the lines of ‘if you can imagine it and visualize it, you can create it’. Visualization comes as a natural form to humans, because simply wanting something means that you have seen it, even if only in your mind. The only thing we have to do different is see that exact same thing as our own. I have seen vision boards work in my life and in my family, goals being manifested against all odds.

Oprah Winfrey once said: “Create the Highest Grandest Vision Possible for Your Life. Because you become what you believe.” Believing is different from thinking, believing is a much deeper and sometimes more difficult process.

What Is A Vision Board?

This basically means creating and holding firmly onto the images of yourself doing or having what it is that you want until those images manifest. A vision board is all about exercising your skills of visualization and imagination, when we have a clear vision it becomes easier for us to believe and then manifest. A vision board intends to play as a constant reminder of what we want, making our visions a mental-blueprint.

Simply put, a vision board is a collage of pictures, images and images of your goals. A vision board should focus on what you want to feel, because seeing something and feeling the associated feeling you will have when you achieve that something, is powerful manifestation energy.

Visualization may be the most important part of your mental package. Visualizing your destination changes the energies that you put out there. It makes you more excited, passionate and determined. In this state you automatically open up yourself of readiness to endure sacrifices, you transcend into a mental zone where you are willing to do whatever it takes to get to where you have envisioned yourself.

Allyson Felix, an American track and fields printer, a 3-time World champion and a 2-time Olympic silver medalist says that ‘I am a big believer in visualization. I run through my races mentally so that I feel more prepared’. A vision board helps you prepare the same way, if you see it, you can be it..

What Are You After?

The purpose of a vision board is insight and not just images, it requires that you tap into your deepest self and use what you see there to create a board of reference. This is was what I found most difficult; asking myself the question ‘what are you after?’ Only once I could answer that, I then began the process. The cool thing about this creation is that there are no guidelines, no style books and no rules; the only factor that matters is clarity.

So, tapping into my inner self means that I have to question every aspect of my life and how I wish to improve certain departments. This could range from my physical appearance, travelling, an improved lifestyle, my career, my relationships with friends and family, my social interactions, companionship to material things such as the car and houseI wish to purchase…. this does not require you to be realistic, just as long as you can believe it, then it is possible.

How To Create A Vision Board

There are various ways to create your personal vision board; you could go about the old school way of cutting up images from a magazine or news paper and paste them on a clean sheet of cardboard paper or you can create one electronically via certain Apps (vision board 2, hay house vision board etc), there are plenty Apps to choose from. You can source images online and then load them onto the app to create your exclusive board.

The whole point of a vision board is to serve as a reminder, so you can print it out, laminate it and put them all over. For example I use one as a bookmark, there’s one in my shower, there’s one on my notice wall in dormitory room and there’s always one in my bag. My mom has hers saved as her wallpaper on her phone, I mean there’s no way to miss that. Also you can always change it up, add more things remove what has changed or has been fulfilled.

However, what I have learned about this is that it is merely the beginning of achieving success. The rest requires for you to put in the work and also patience, the universe will always reward those of us who are prepared and have put in the effort physically, mentally and spiritually.

Have you created or adjusted your vision board for 2019?B


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