Let’s talk Vac Work

by Lebogang Mashasha

I am yet to find something as satisfying as making my own money and being able to spend it as I please. Vac work offers a great opportunity to do so, one just has to look closely. Not only that, you will also learn some soft skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving, which are going to help you in the long run.

As the year draws to an end, many companies are closing for the festive season. With that in mind, how do you then go about finding work during this time of the year?Working during the holidays may sound like torture, but it’s a learning opportunity, provided that you avail yourself to it.

What is Vac Work?

Vac work is when one takes up non-permanent work during the holidays. Although this often starts out as temporary work, there are prospects for permanent hire. Companies benefit from this arrangement too because they do not have to pay the same rate as they do their permanent staff and are not obligated to give any employee benefits to the temporary workers.

Benefits of Vac Work:

  • Work experience: of all the requirements sort for in an employee, work experience is in the top three. No matter what industry you wish to go into, having a bit of experience in a working environment is a bonus. Even if the skills are not seemingly directly transferable, there will always be a time when any type of work experience benefits you in a new work position or environment.
  • Skills development: a skill such as time management is one which many are yet to harness, and I am no different. The surest way for that to happen is for one to practice it in real life, by prioritising accordingly. I wont lie, it is not easy nor fun, but it is necessary to this journey of adulting.
  • Self-discipline: Having the discipline to commit to going to work while your peers are making it rain or partying it up is a lesson worth enduring. Not only will you be able to resist the need to overspend, you’ll also learn the value of money and understand the importance of working with what you have and staying in your lane.
  • Possible job offers: Depending on how well you perform they could offer you a job. You could work on weekends, on days they are short-staffed, on a freelance basis or even on contract.
  • Referrals: even if you don’t get a job offer from that specific place you did vac work for, a referral can go a long way. Most places advertise internally before making a job vacancy public. Your supervisor from your vac work could be the one to help you land permanent employment by simply mentioning you to someone looking to fill a position. 

Where To Look For Vac Work?

Small businesses are the perfect place for you to work at on weekends and holidays. These are great spaces to learn important life skills, which you’ll be use as an adult.Being in customer services will equip you with interpersonal skills which are essential to having success in whichever career path you chose to follow later on in life. Small businesses are great in the sense that they expose you to various aspects of business, you could learn bookkeeping, stocktaking, sales and marketing all from one place.

Here are some suggestions for consideration:

Promotional Work

Promotional work is great for people who enjoy engaging with others. This is great because the work isn’t difficult and only requires you to inform the customer about the service or product the business you are working for is offering. Information packs are usually given out before you have to go work, so that you understand the brand well and are able to give customers the correct information. There are numerous promotion companies constantly looking for young people and they pay relatively well.

Customer Service / Call Centres

If you are uncomfortable with interacting with people in person, then call centre work could be for you. This involves you assisting people telephonically with whatever product or service that company provides.

Retail Work

Retail shops are always hiring during the holidays because many of their permanent staff members take their leave. This may include stock tacking, packing shelves, working the till or any other task needed to be fulfilled.

Content Creator

If you love writing then this is perfect for you. We live in a digital age and people want to have access to information in a convenient way. The library is no longer the main source of information. Many publications need people to research and write articles for them. No matter the industry you’re interested in (technology, sport, entertainment, current affairs, culture etc) there is a publication needing content creators. The greatest benefit of such as job is that you can work remotely from the comfort of your home.

Most, if not all companies, have their contact information readily available on the internet. Submit your CV to their Human Resources Departments and follow up with a phone call. An added bonus to vac work is that little to zero experience is required.Companies often give in-house training to prospective staff making it easy todo a great job.

Try to figure out which of these avenues of making money (or others not mentioned) you would fit into best and apply yourself. All these spaces have great learning opportunities which await you. It is never too early to start being money savvy.


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