Top 10 Series to Catch-up or Binge on this Season

by Zani Tsabedze


  • Insecure

Issa Rae’s awkward black girl persona took us over in 2018. If you haven’t watched her comedy series, this festive season is the perfect time to sit back and get into all the funny girls as they grow together through 3 seasons of Insecure. Issa’s unique perspective shines throughout and takes us on a roller coaster ride of social anxiety and laughter.

Binge – 12 hours

  • Atlanta

We all know Donald Glover’s creativity translates in everything he does, whether its comedy, music or drama. He’s a writer and visionary that knows how to get his ideas across, and Atlanta is no exception. With a cast of some of the most natural talents, Atlanta is 2 Seasons of pure black excellence. It is raw, intelligent and hilarious. The perfect chill session for your December holiday.

Binge – 21 hours

  • Orange is the New Black

We highly recommend Netflix’s most-watched original series.Women’s prison is not a place that anyone wants to experience but it makes for brilliant fictional entertainment. Get into these diverse stories and diverse struggles all inspired by a true story, if you haven’t already. Its full of intense drama lightened by several moments of comedic relief every episode. You won’t be bored with OITNB this December.

Binge – 3 day 6 hours


  • Black Mirror

If you’re a fan of plot twists, there is no series more perfect for you than Black Mirror. With each episode being a completely different storyline with different characters, Black Mirror explores ideas of what the future of technology may bring and the different challenges we could face with it. It is brilliantly written and it never ceases to amaze. 3 Seasons of excitement to get into this season, every episode feels like a mysterious treasure chest of interesting ideas and surprises.

Binge – 18 hours

  • Stranger Things

We can’t resist including one of the most popular shows of2017/2018. Stranger Things is simply one of the strangest phenomenons in pop culture as it is pure, youthful fun for the whole family with no specific genre. It’s a combination of comedy/drama/sci-fi/fantasy/thriller/horror and its not easy to describe or explain but its so fun and easy to binge-watch. We highly recommend this for family bonding time this festive season.

Binge – 14 hours

  • Game of Thrones

There’s nothing to say about Game of Thrones that hasn’t already been said at great lengths all over social media. Its hype is not unjustified. GoT is easily one of the best shows to ever grace the screen. Get into the Mother of Dragons and the story of the Iron Throne this festive season.

Binge – 2 days 16 hours


  • Dear White People

Adapted from the 2014 movie, Dear White People follows escalating racial tensions at a prestigious Ivy League college from the perspective of several black students. It’s aimed at the woke youth of 2018, challenging ideas of politics and race amongst the usual Gossip-Girl-style drama of college students. It’s a good balance that gives you an equal fix of drama and comedy, while hitting you with the hard facts of our racial climate.

Binge – 10 hours

  • The Crown

A young woman unexpectedly finds herself in the position of being the Queen of a whole nation, with countless responsibilities and duties that no one necessarily believes she’ll be capable of fulfilling. The entire show is based on the true story of Queen Elizabeth II, constantly drawing from real events in the history of her reign. With everything that has happened this year with the Meghan Markle hype, this series gives a sense of insight into the vibe of the Royale Family and their lifestyle. It goes past the glamour and into the gloom, tension, politics and challenges of being a member of the family. There are some interesting lessons in there for a Girl Boss and a good overall message that everything is not always what it appears to be.

Binge – 19 hours

  • Suits

We can’t leave out this legal drama about the fictional law firm powered by some of our favourite fictional Girl Bosses in television. A diverse cast and constant gripping drama that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat, Suits is entertaining and even makes for good comedy. A highly recommended binge for this festive season.

Binge – 4 days 22 hours

  1. Empire

One of the biggest series to hit the screens in 2015 is still going strong. The HipHop mogul played by Terrence Howard brings the drama with Taraji P. Henson as they fight for control over a multimillion-dollar company. If you love music, especially HipHop/RnB, this is a good way to keep yourself entertained if you’re spending a lot of time indoors this festive.

Binge – 3 days 7 hours


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