How To Look After Your Hair During The Holidays

by Zani Tsabedze

The holidays can have us so consumed in our fun that we may forget to pay attention to the quality of our hair care. Whether you’re chilling with the family at home or travelling with friends, nurture and care for your hair should always be included in your holiday plans. However, it doesn’t have to be time consuming. There are some quick ways in which you can keep your hair health at its best throughout the holidays. Here are some tips and suggestions from the Girl Boss team.

First thing’s first: Where are you going?

Keep your holiday destinations in mind when you’re packing your hair products. Try to be aware of the climate conditions in those areas. Will you be in the sun very often? Will you be at the beach? Will you be in swimming pools? Spas? All these components affect your hair in different ways. Here are some products that we recommend for your hair according to the different types of destinations you may be going to, as well as how/when to use them.

The Beach

Hair can become dry, dehydrated and unmanageable when exposed to heat, sun, chlorine and sea salt. Make sure that you pack at least one moisturiser and leave-in conditioner to keep your hair manageable throughout the holiday.

Make sure you keep your hair protected from salt water bymasking it with a Strengthening Maskbefore you hit the beach. Ensure you condition and moisturize it well beforebasking on the beach as well to ensure it is not dry, which makes it vulnerableto heat or salt water damage.

To give your hair a quick cleanse before going out for thenight, after leaving the beach, run some co-wash through your hair and spray itwith our light-weight Leave-InConditioner.


Spa treatments are divine self-care for your skin and body,but they do not treat your hair with as much care. Rooms are usually heated ortemperature controlled and the air usually contains elements of scents fromessential oils, dehumidifiers, incense smoke, steam etc. These can dehydratethe scalp and hair cuticles. It is important to repair the moisture lossafterwards with hair oils and moisturizer. Consider giving your hair a quickwash after a spa treatment to remove sweat from your scalp. A Co-Wash can be a quick and easy way tocleanse your hair before replacing the lost moisture with our Mango & MarulaStrengthening Oil Lotion.

Winter Holidays

Cold climates are usually easier on the hair as we are more likely to cover our hair up in this weather. This helps preserve the natural oils that our hair produces. The best way to preserve hair health in these conditions is to avoid washing it too often and keep it moisturized. Using the Mango & Marula Co-Wash and following it with a Leave-In Conditioner Spray is a  quick way to clean and moisturise without stripping away its natural oils or taking up too much time. This leaves your hair feeling and smelling fresh.

Tip #1: Get a Fresh Start

First thing to do before you go anywhere for a long period of time is to ensure you have given your hair a proper treatment. This includes a deep cleanse, deep condition, oil treatment and ensuring it is moisturised. This helps you guarantee that your hair will be hydrated and manageable during your getaway. Our Mango & Marula range caters for a full treatment.

Tip #2: Hats/Headwraps

Headwraps are always a good idea. You can’t go wrong with a hat or a scarf to protect your hair from the heat, and all the potentially harmful elements floating around in the air.

Apply a nutrient-rich hair oil in the morning before you wrap it up to head out. We recommend our Mango & Marula Hair Growth Oil it contains natural oils that penetrate the hair cuticle rather than just coating it.

Tip #3: Protective Styles (Braids, Cornrows, etc.)

Protective styles make your hair easier to manage during the holidays but they expose your scalp to the sun because your hair is sectioned into individual parts. It is important to moisturise and mask the lines in your hairstyle where your scalp is exposed. You can protect your scalp with hats and headscarfs. You can also add a layer of moisture protection by rubbing some Mango & Marula Hair Growth Oil into your scalp before heading out.

Tip #4: Combs and Brushes

Make sure you’re using the right kind of comb to detangle your hair during the holidays. A wide-toothed comb is usually highly recommended for 4c hair as it detangles without breaking your hair. If your hair is well hydrated, your hair should be easy to comb and detangle. Try to avoid harsh brushes if your hair is  going to be exposed to chlorine, intense heat and/or salt water. Tugging on dry hair makes it vulnerable to breakage and damage.

When our hair looks and feels good, so do we! A Girl Boss nurtures her crown. What are some of your favourite hair care tools to take on holiday with you?


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