Bird Box – Movie Review

Anyone who has a Facebook or Twitter account is likely to have come across memes and internet jokes about this movie over the New Year transition. It is all everyone was talking about! Some say it’s because too many people were indoors and bored this festive, desperate for any entertainment we could get our hands on. This may or may not be true. And if it is, Bird Box definitely delivered exactly what we needed. This Netflix Original currently holds the record for the biggest opening in Netflix history, with over 45 million views in the first week. If you were one of these 45 million Netflix members that watched Bird Box, then you will understand why.

Now, I want to begin this review by saying, Bird Box is not a perfect movie. I wouldn’t put it in the Academy league or give it groundbreaking status. It’s a thriller with a mystery monster. However, as far as recommendations go, I put this quite high on the list. It is a highly entertaining story about a woman who is trying to get herself and her two children to safety in a world where they have to keep their eyes shut because of an entity that makes you experience your worst fears and kill yourself if you see it.

It is not a horror, so you don’t have to worry about jump-scares, but it is a very gripping drama/thriller. The most captivating thing about this movie is the “what’s going on?” aspect of it. It grabs your attention and curiosity from the very first frame and it hardly has any dull moments.

I won’t argue with those who call it a cliché because it does have the typical narrative of an apocalyptic setting that follows a few survivors. But it sets itself apart in its ability to focus more on the mystery of every single moment and character. There is no unnecessary gore, blood or screaming. It’s just pure, edge-of-your-seat thrilling drama with some of the most convincing child actors you’ll ever see.

This next paragraph contains a spoiler.

Our favourite character was, of course, Tom (played by the gorgeous and talented Trevante Rhodes). What we appreciated most about this movie, and what differentiates it from other film’s of it kind, was the fact that the writers made a black character survive 95% of the movie. Usually they’re the first to die in these scenarios. We found it refreshing, fun and we enjoyed every moment, because even his death was the most glorious and dignified of them all.

We like this movie because its an easy watch if you find yourself looking for some quick entertainment. You can recommend it to pretty much anyone because its not too scary or too gore-y. It’s a sensible, yet mysterious storyline that can add a bit of flavour to your day. Plus, its been a while since we’ve Sandra Bullock in action. Some of us really missed this Girl Boss’s acting.

One thing we’ve learnt from the success of this film is that the power of social media continues to grow. The attention drawn to this film came more from memes and trending hashtags than the actual press that was organised by the publicists. It goes to show that if you can find fun and creative ways to capture people’s attention on twitter, who even needs to get on TV anymore? This is a movie that we turned into a sensation with our own influence in this digital age. Girl Bosses should consider this year: if we can blow a mere Netflix movie up this much, what more can we do to affect positive change in our society through the internet?

Girl Boss rating: 7/10


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