How Young Should You Start Anti-Ageing Skin Care?

The term anti-ageing is often immediately associated with the process of reversing the visible effects of ageing. When getting into anti-ageing skin care, its important to understand that the earlier you start, the better. This is a simple process of merely taking good care of your skin from as early as your 20s in order to make sure that by the time you get to your 40s, you are already ahead of the game.

There is a common misconception that this kind of skin care is very expensive. Of course, if you go for the mainstream commercial anti-ageing products, it can be a bit hard on the pocket. But if you start early, you can simply take advantage of natural products and healthy routines that improve your skin elasticity. In this way, you will find it easier to manage your own skin without too many pharmaceutical products.

We shared a post in December 2018 about easy-to-make natural fruits facials. Not only does this kind of routine serve your skin some extra nutrition, but it also helps get you into a habit of paying attention to the needs of your body. It’s fantastic self-care that can uplift you and your self worth.

Top 5 tips:

  1. Moisturise. Skin hydration is the most important part of keeping your skin smooth as it maintains your skin’s elasticity. Be aware of your skin type (oily, dry, normal, combination, etc.) so that you know which moisturisers to use and how often you should use them. Ensure that you’re also using moisturisers that contain SPF 30 if you are regularly exposed to harsh sunlight.
  2. Hydrate regularly. Drink plenty of water every day. A dehydrated body has the most trouble distributing moisture to the skin and having dry skin accelerates the ageing process.
  3. Eat plenty of greens. Fruits and vegetables should be your best friend when aiming to remain healthy and youthful. Rich in all the most important vitamins and antioxidants, greens are the key to aiding the body’s maintenance.
  4. Keep it clean! Especially for Girl Bosses that love make-up, it is so important to make sure that you cleanse your pores and allow them to breathe as often as you possibly can. If you work out regularly or have a labour-intensive job that causes you to sweat quite a lot, try to wash your face twice a day to make sure your pores aren’t clogged before you sleep because sleeping with a dirty face causes breakouts.
  5. Minimise the intake of cigarettes and alcohol. We all know how harmful these habits can be to our body but don’t always take into consideration how fast they can age your skin. South Africans know, the term “phuza-face” says it all. Drinking and smoking too much will make you look old, it dehydrates the body and slows down the distribution of moisture to the skin cells.

These tips are all highly recommended for women and men from as early as their 20s. Teenagers are still completing their hormonal development, which makes them less susceptible to these routines, but it’s never too early to learn to treat yourself with care.


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