Sho Madjozi Album Review

by Nonhle Matsebula

2018 has been a major blessing when it comes to the music scene in South Africa. We have to give props to our local artists because wow they are really doing the most hey, producing hit after hit, good music to say the least. One female Mc that did not go unnoticed, and not just because of her remarkable fashion sense and stage charisma, but also because of the unique sound that she produces is Sho Madjozi. You just got to love her, from her colourful mien, her unforgettable stage presence and her extremely energetic sound. Her energy is contagious, ‘Iyohh!’

If you don’t already know, she dropped her first album on the 14th of December 2018. If you are someone who enjoys vernacular rap then you’ll definitely enjoy ‘Limpopo Champions League’. However if I’m keeping it as real, candid and honest as possible I won’t lie, I found this album conflicting to my ears, and that is simply because I’m not one to jump on any extremely high energy loud sound. It’s just simply not to my taste and find it rather challenging to stay focused. Actually I just resort to stopping the music all together. It’s almost as if my brain waves completely switch off and all I hear is noise. But to my astonishment the sound on this album is so versatile and some tracks I found pretty enjoyable.

The album consists of 13 songs. Track 4 ‘Wa Penga Na?” featuring Kwesta & Makwa, is simply my favourite, never mind that I don’t understand what the girl is saying, I mean she is known for producing most of her art in Xitsonga, except for Huku, Track 6, which is mostly or is entirely in Swahili. ‘Going Down’ featuring pH Raw X, Track 11 also goes in, some smooth enjoyable sounds. I love the production. If you want to experience a bit of Maya The Poet (her poetic name) then give Tack 10 a listen ‘Yaz’ Abelungu’. It’s an interesting track that I think is somewhat an expression of her consciousness of the privileges experienced by white people in this country. But it’s got that funky fast paced beat to it, but you can’t really dance to it. Her biggest hit on the album is currently ‘Wakanda Forever’ featuring Ycee; do I need to say more?

I still struggle to place my finger on one genre I would say this album is, it’s just a mixture of many, ranging from hip-hop/rap, a bit of RnB, a pop song ‘Don’t Tell Me What to do” Track 5, some Gqom and traditional Xitsonga sounds. To say it is versatile is an understatement. You can literally expect to hear a different sound on each track. Most of us can appreciate that because it is unusual but enjoyable. Now go get yourself a copy of ‘Limpopo Champions League’ if you still buy albums, but it is available for download on Apple Music/ iTunes Store, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play to name a few. Enjoy and let us know what you think!


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