Why Mango Butter is Good for Natural Hair

What is mango butter?

Mango butter is extracted from the kernels of the mango fruit. The kernels can be processed in different ways to form either a powder, oil or butter. In order to form a nutritious, non-greasy butter, the seed is cold-pressed.

Benefits of Mango Butter

  • Intensive moisturizer

The high content of fatty acids such as oleic, linoleic and palmitic make it ideal for moisturising and nourishing. Natural hair is prone to dryness and mango butter assists in reducing this dryness by depositing its nutrients into the hair folicle.

  • Provides protection

Mango butter protects the scalp from the sun’s UV rays. It protects hair from the damage caused by heat styling tools (hair dryers, curling irons etc.) and environmental elements such as the sun and dry, harsh wind.

  • Softens hair

The regular use of mango butter softens hair overtime which makes hair easier to manage. Softer hair is easier to manipulate into various styles without causing severe damage.

  • Improves the over-all health of scalp

Mango butter is able to get into the scalp easily, nourishing it from the inside. Its anti-bacterial properties also assist in reducing inflammation of the scalp, which is a major cause of hair loss. A healthy scalp breeds healthy hair.

  • Helps with hair growth

The presence of vitamin A and C in mango butter make it ideal for hair growth. Anti-oxidants found in vitamin A protect hair cells. Vitamin C builds collagen (the structural protein found in skin) which is vital for hair growth.


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