Never Too Young to Win – Inspired by Yanga Sobetwa

by Tshimologo Nsibande

Cape Town, once again, took over South Africa’s biggest music platform as the youngest contestant in Season 14 of South African Idols, Yanga Sobetwa, was crowned as the winner in 2018. A millionaire at the age of 17 and an amazing young girl who had finally been given a platform and the opportunity to make an impact.

Yanga entered South African Idols at the age of 16 at the Cape Town auditions. She shared with us her purpose of wanting to inspire her peers and bringing them closer to God through her gospel music as she was working on a gospel album before entering South African idols.

From the very moment she auditioned at the Cape Town auditions she began to fulfil her purpose as many of us teenagers were inspired by her talent and authentic style. She has been gifted with a powerful voice and every time she graced that stage with her presence she also filled our lives with encouragement and inspiration.

She decided to enter South African Idols during her grade 11 year, which may seem like a bad idea because grade 11 is one of the most challenging years in High School. However, with the determination to compete on the Idols stage and win the competition, she showed us that it is possible to achieve your goals and your heart’s desire even whilst you are in high school. She revealed that she wasn’t an A Student at school but she is a hard worker and this shows that we don’t have to be A Students in order to be successful in what we are passionate about.

She released her first Pop single, Scars All Over Me, in November 2018, which speaks about love, pain and relationships. I feel as though she speaks on behalf of us young girls that have found ourselves in toxic relationships without knowing it until we realized that we aren’t loved or respected enough. The words of this song bring depth to the meaning of the relationships we have lately in this generation. This is why we are able to relate to her. She shot her first music video at a high school, which was colourful, vibrant and filled with energetic young people who represent the impact she has on the youth and the amazing transformation she is creating in the youth today.

It is a privilege for us as the youth to have someone like who inspirea us in a variety of ways. We are fortunate to be able to witness Yanga’s hard work and talent because we are at a point whereby our focus has been shifted away from pursuing our dreams and we spend a lot of time focusing on the perceived glitz and glamour of social networking and fitting in. Yanga has showcased that success has no age limit and no matter how hard school can be it is still possible to fulfil your dream and this is what makes her a Girl Boss.


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  1. So proud of you my daughter. May God continue to bless and inspire you. All the best with all your writing. Well done Tshim Tshim!!!!

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