Transitioning From Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair

by Lebogang Mashasha

The reason I decided to go natural is actually simple and I believe many women can relate to my story. Honestly; I was just tired of getting burnt from relaxers. The excruciating pain was no longer worth it. Although my hair seemed to be growing it was very thin and lacked volume. After hopping from one relaxer to the next and still getting the same results, I stopped relaxing my hair altogether. I didn’t even know there was a technical term for this new turn in my hair-care journey. It took a while for me to realise that in actuality, I was transitioning!

Transitioning means that you’re moving from one phase to another. In the hair community, it means that you’re going from relaxed hair to natural hair. This is perfect for those who are not comfortable with doing the “big chop”; which means cutting off all of your relaxed hair and starting afresh with natural hair.

By transitioning, you’re leaving your hair to grow out and no longer relaxing the new growth. As this continues, you’ll start to see where the natural hair and relaxed hair meet. Eventually, your hair will predominantly be natural from the roots, with the middle/ends being relaxed. I was not patient enough for this, so I transitioned for about 6 months then cut off all the relaxed hair. My natural hair (new growth) was relatively short, but I was excited about how it looked. There is a clear distinction of where the natural hair ends and the relaxed hair begins; that’s where you cut your hair. Go to the salon if you are hesitant to do it yourself.

Things to keep in mind when transitioning:

Wash your hair

The whole purpose is to get the relaxer out of your hair and cleansing it properly and regularly will help. Use the Girl Boss Mango & Marula Co-Wash to cleanse hair and remove product build-up.

Condition after every wash

Conditioning helps to fortify hair follicles, which is especially important when transitioning. The hair is going through a lot of strain during this time and needs extra nourishment. The Girl Boss Mango & Marula Deep Conditioner is going to hydrate and nourish your hair. Apply after you’ve washed your hair with the co-wash. Then rinse it out with just water.

Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise some more

One thing I can give you a heads up on is that natural hair is prone to dryness. So, you need to combat that by moisturising properly and often. The Girl Boss Mango & Marula Leave-In Conditioner Spray moisturises hair without making it greasy. It is a perfect daily moisturiser.

Use treatments

Your hair is in a vulnerable state and needs for you to strengthen it. Transitioning hair is susceptible to breakage which in turn can lead to hair loss. Hot oil, deep conditioning and protein treatments are going to help strengthen your hair. The Girl Boss Mango & Marula Hair Growth Oil is great for hot oil treatments. The Girl Boss Mango & Marula Strengthening Hair Mask is a protein treatment which will help to replace the proteins stripped away by the relaxer.Do a protein treatment once a month and alternate with a hot oil treatment and a deep conditioning treatment. 

Don’t forget your scalp

The scalp is the foundation of great hair. Apply the Girl Boss Mango & Marula Growth Butter to fight against dryness or itchiness of the scalp. Use 2- 3 times a week on hairline and scalp.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to switch over to natural hair, I hope that this article has helped you in one way or another.

***Disclaimer: I am pro-natural hair, but I am not anti-relaxers. I’ve come to learn through research that both natural and relaxed hair can either be healthy or unhealthy. It is all about how you take care of it. My aim is to provide information so that you are better equipped to make the best decision for yourself.


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