Finding Different Ways to Exercise

We recently posted an article ( that looked at the Healing Powers of Celery. But more specifically the article covered how we could go about achieving our body goals focusing on 80% clean diet and 20% exercise, the 80/20 rule. Health and fitness gurus are constantly developing innovative techniques to assist with physical exercising outside of the conventional gym institute. Nowadays heading to the gym only counts as a singular approach, and there is more than one way to obtain physical satisfaction.

As noted, what really contributes the most to one’s physical health is your diet. If we can simply get this under wraps than we are more than half way to reaching our desired body state. Eating 80% clean requires that we become more conscious about the foods we feed our body. If it does not fuel you then it may not be necessary. The best way to go about a clean diet is becoming informed about what you are consuming. Actively participating by reading food labels, understanding how many calories are required per day according to our Body Mass Index (BMI – Weight and height combined), eating more wholesome foods etc. In the past the idea of eating 5 – 6 meals a day is what was regarded to be the ideal, especially when trying to minimize unnecessary binging. However, not everyone is designed the same, and eating only when we find ourselves hungry is just as sufficient. The trick is eating well, with the occasional ‘cheat treat’.

Working out from home

I like to consider myself as somebody who is inconsistently consistent when it comes to maintaining an exercising routine. What I mean by this is that a long period such as 6 months could never go by without me engaging in some physical exercise, and by engaging I mean for a good 3 months. But I usually die out. That is why is has become imperative that I find other means to keep fit outside of the gym, because I speculate that the biggest reason behind my fall is boredom or simply finding the process tedious.

Home Workouts:

To be quite frank, the most amount of weight I have lost was outside of the gym, simply working out in an open space at home. Cardio was my main focus, as I knew that I needed to shed more fat. But shedding fat alone is not enough, as what helps your body maintain a certain weight is toning. This is muscle that is layered over the fat, so basically it is the process of converting the remaining fat into muscle, which would make it harder to revert back to fat. YouTube should be your best friend as there are plenty of free home videos at your disposal, catering to all type of workouts, ranging from toning, cardio, core strength, you name it. Alternatively, you can purchase DVDs or buy online videos. There are videos that don’t require for you to have any equipment.

I don’t know about your social media timelines, but mine is trending with home workout videos. Lately this has been my go to source, and it is as simple as monkey see monkey do. You can also Google or use Pinterest to source still imagines that guide you, e.g. 10 burpees, 30 squats, 1 min wall sit, I find that all of these are just as effective.


I just love yoga because it goes beyond hardcore training; it is also a spiritual exercise that coaches you on breathing as well as raising your consciousness. It highly underestimated but in all of my yoga classes I have died, because they are so intense.

There are different types of yoga practices, some focus on breathing, some on stretching and other strength. But it is definitely effective and you will break a sweat. YogaTrail is an app Iove to use. It provides you with classes that are happening nearby and in your city. It gives you information about the instructor, it also tells you which classes are free or not. You can reserve your spot for a class on the app and even go as far as communicating with the instructor. YouTtube is an alternative great source for practicing yoga in the comfort of your own space.


Even though I regard myself as inconsistently consistent, I still never seem to be fit enough for hiking. It always seems like I should opt for beginner level even though I want to think that I am at least intermediary level. Hiking is not joke, but it is refreshing as being out in nature has the propensity to relinquish and refresh one soul. But you must be prepared, especially when hiking with people who are experienced the sport, you will fall behind and you will work those quads! Download and look at the Komoot app for trails and information near you, it is helpful!

Boot Camps:

These are fun and exciting, especially if you enjoy outdoor training. I use to love boot camps that take place at the botanical garden. The energy is high and everyone is in on same mission. It is also a great way to make friends. You develop a fitness circle and in most cases your friends will push you beyond what you can push yourself. I honestly love boot camps, because I find outdoor training to be the most effective form or exercise, especially if you have established goals.

There really is no excuse as to why we cannot reach our desired weight or fitness level. The most work we have to do is find internal motivation, which should be easy because you are the person who is not happy with the scale or whatever reason. Training boosts our energy levels, it releases endorphins and hormones which make us feel good and happy, it is the ultimate solution to any of your internal and physical problems!


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