Boity – Bakae (Music Review)

Boity, real name Boitumelo Thulo up until a few months ago was known mostly for being a television personality, she acts, is a television presenter and models has also added rapper to the list of things she known for.

Personalities deciding to venture into other forms of art isn’t a new thing, Khanyi Mbau had a short stint as a musician, media personality Unathi has a career as a musician some will deem successful, Chris Brown the Rnb singer is also a budding artist. The queen B herself, Beyonce offers her hive other ways to consume her art by ventured into acting in screen plays, she has a couple of budding performances under her in fighting temptation, dream girls amongst others.

I first got wind of Boity dabbling in a career in rap when she as a presenter on the popular TV show club 808 linked up with Nasty C. I didn’t take it or her seriously because for me a self-confessed hip hop purist, you kinda need the skill right?

Cardi B is someone who seems to come from nowhere and rise to the top of the music charts, she seems to have just started rapping a few years ago, so the idea that you need years in the underground rap scene to hone your skill as most of rap greatest stars have done seems to be something that isn’t required in the current climate.

You could argue that due to so much content being available and the manner in which millennials consume content, it tends to have a very short circulation span before the next best thing comes over to grab their attention, but I digress.

Cardi B seems to be someone millennials have taken up and are appreciating. So why not Boity. Don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing their raps skills, what I am trying to do is offer the argument that you don’t need years in the rap dungeon to actually have a career. Back to the Boity’s come up story, So she appears on club 808 with Nasty C, word is he invite her to the studio after she play spits some prepared bars on TV, they work on a few songs and then out comes Wuz Dat.

Wuz Dat came out when I was hearing a lot of Cardi B on radio, the two songs reminded me of each other (I am not saying one was inspired by the other, but I mean I was talking about millennials and content and… but I digress… again) I mean she rode the beat, but she wasn’t winning any rap awards knawhatimean? Word is Nasty C was quite helpful, I mean he literally put the battery in her back right? He must have seen something.

The song was ‘aight’, I am not sure if the interest in the song was because it was Boity personality on the song or if the song was decent, being the consumer of music that I am, listened to it a few times, paid attention to how she was rapping appreciated how she had actually done well for a “first try” congratulated the effort in my head and moved on.

I forgot about her and music for a while, and then the headlines said she has another song coming. The usual PR on social media then the song drops. I wasn’t really expecting anything so when the beat dropped and the verses started coming in ferociously I had to check the song again on my iTunes to make sure it is what I was looking for.

The beat was wild, she seemed at ease with it now, she followed line after line with lines to let you know she here to compete, it doesn’t matter if she started yesterday, she’s coming for your necks. I liked the song, she addresses a few slick comments on her spiritual journey with a slick line, a few more slick lines talking her rapper shit all while remaining in the rap pockets students of Jay Z will know all too well. Perhaps Nasty C influence is definitely rubbing of in a positive way.

If anyone thought she was here to play, perhaps this was meant to remind doubters that she isn’t here to play. And I think she isn’t, she has come to elbow out some space in between Nadia Nakai, Moozlie, Rouge, there is enough space for them all and its high time a female artist topped the charts and start competing in the establishment. Imagine a whole fill up tour with women rapper headliners. I mean the millennials definitely could get this going, I mean content and how its consumed by them is off that charts and this is the kind of content they generally sign up for right? Any way back to Boity, I think if she continues on this trajectory she has the top in her sights.

Girl Boss rating: 8/10


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