Conquering FOMO in University

I loved my university experience and I am thankful for the opportunity because I know not everyone gets to go. I had a lot of fun, I did my school work but unfortunately, I spent too much time socialising. In uni I only did what was expected of me. I didn’t push myself academically to perform to the best of my ability and that is one of my biggest regrets. If I could speak to my first-year self, I would say yes going out is fun but applying yourself is true satisfaction.

We’ve all heard the ‘don’t forget you are there for a degree’ phrase, and I didn’t. But what I did lose sight of was that there is so much more to university than just an undergraduate degree. I’m not disappointed in myself, I did graduate within the 3 years after all. But I am not comfortable with the mediocrity of my performance. So please don’t be like me, strive for excellence. Go the extra mile.

Participate in campus organisations like debating or Model UN, do some volunteering (Now, I wasn’t completely selfish, I did some volunteering but it was compulsory to get a credit for a subject so I can’t really say it was out of the good of my own heart but I did connect with those precious children), consider tutoring, trust me, you don’t want to come out varsity with your CV looking bleak.  The reality is South Africa is currently facing the problem of youth unemployment, and so I suggest you do activities that you love and enjoy but will set you apart from other graduates.

Don’t rest on your laurels as you are capable of greatness. You are not only there for yourself, but you are also there for society. South Africa deserves young leaders that are passionate and determined.  I don’t care how smart you think you are, go to class, all of them that is what you are paying for after all.  Use the library more often! It’s a privilege to be in a centre of knowledge. Do your daily homework, going to class isn’t enough, do your readings. Cultivate a sense of self-discipline. Take it from me you will be happier for it. 

I cherish my university experience, I really enjoyed myself. But when it comes to happiness, remember there is short-term excitement and there is long-term fulfilment. Definitively, have your fun. But developing a healthy work ethic is an essential part of #BossingUp. And please, don’t worry about me I have learned from my mistakes. I am determined to wear my gown a couple of more times, #WatchThisSpace.  

Simi Gumede

A lover of love

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