BlacKkKlansman – Movie Review

BlackKklansman is a very interesting flick which is based on a true story, (or as the film says “based upon some for real, for real, sh*t). It’s a vibrant period film, starring John David Washington (Denzel Washington‘s son!), with a lot of relevance in today’s political climate. It unapologetically explores issues of race and shares a politically conscious perspective on matters of oppression and corruption. Anyone that is uncomfortable with these topics and the overuse of racial slurs will have a hard time enjoying this movie because it does this very consistently and aggressively throughout the film.

It’s definitely a great movie to get into now during Black History Month and I highly recommend watching it before the 91st Academy Awards ceremony on the 24th of Feb, if you’re interested in seeing how they choose the winners this year.

4117_D015_07703_R Laura Harrier stars as Patrice and John David Washington as Ron Stallworth in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, a Focus Features release. Credit: David Lee / Focus Features

Everyone I know wanted to see this Spike Lee movie when the trailer first hit social media. The tale of a black police officer going undercover to infiltrate the ku klux klan creates opportunity for intense drama, thrilling action and lots of comedy, making it an absolute must-see. In all honestly, I have some mixed feelings about the execution of story. Although it delivers a great balance between the drama, action and comedy, it can get quite slow and there is quite a void where the main character, Ron Stallworth, is concerned.

Although very entertaining, the movie doesn’t explore its main character enough. He’s a highly driven young black cop but he also has a childlike innocence, which makes him very naïve. As the main character, and the gorgeous black brother of the story, Stallworth could’ve been a bit more interesting. He is outshone by every other character in the story. The moments that he really comes to life are in phone call scenes, where he impersonates other characters.

The actors that play kkk members are all on point. They find a good balance between humanizing and demonizing their characters and they definitely lead the comedy element of the movie. They bring most of the suspense as well, which is what’s needed to take the movie to the next level. It gets a bit slow at times and the main character tends to be quite one-dimensional. Some more character background for him may have helped us get to know him better and care about him more. But by the end of the movie it still feels as though we don’t know him very well. We get to know more and care more about his work partner (played by Adam Driver) than we do for him.

However, the cinematography is so stunning and creative, making it very easy to watch. The overall colour scheme and stylistic choices in the costume design and the set design are flawless. This movie is 2 hours of visual perfection.

The overall message to acknowledge your heritage and respect the heritage of others is also beautifully conveyed and full of heart. And we live for all the beautiful afros on the naturalistas!

Girl Boss rating: 8/10


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