Finding Your Tribe

There’s an old African proverb that says “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This proverb captures the idea that to have long term success at anything we must have people with us. People who believe in themselves and you, who share your values and love you enough to point out your mistakes. These people become your tribe and help ensure you become everything you desire.  

  • Cultivate family relationships:
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Growing came with social pressure that lead to me forgetting about my family members and focusing on being cool.  I valued online friendship and spent little time connecting with my siblings and cousins and found myself not having strong relationships with them. However, last year that changed I got ‘reintroduced’ to my cousins and saw them not as people I grew up with but people who I could trust and create impact with. They became people I invested in financially, time wise and with any resources I had. I stopped viewing my cousins as people I competed against and rather people I wanted to be in team with and if I wanted them in my team I had to make sure they succeeded. Family is so much more than just people you have a blood ties with.

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  • Be a social media networker:

If you’re are a member of Gen Z or a Millennial you spend a lot of time online, figuring out who’s beefing, who delivered a clap back or what’s happening in the world. However, not many of us use social media to connect with people who we’d like to be friends with or people we’d like to learn from. It seems awkward and just unheard of however reaching out to people online in a polite way might be the first place you get to engage with like-minded people. Networking doesn’t have to be a formal direct message, it can be commenting on a post and asking an engaging question or giving your insightful opinion and then following up with personal message. Use social media networking for people who are in your age group and doing things you’d love to get involved with as well. However, you can also do formal invites on LinkedIn and request a call or brief lunch with someone.


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  1. Great post indeed, I seriously find it hard to connect with people my age group as most of them rather chill over a bottle of beer and talk about girls and other bad things instead of talking about growth and looking at a good opportunity in the offing.

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