Red Room – Movie Review

Grab some popcorn and a drink on your way into South Africa’s first thriller film because you’re bound to be entertained throughout.

Red Room stars the very talented Khanyi Mbau and follows the story of a new mother who, due to a series of unfortunate events, ends up in the middle of a sex trafficking plot. This thriller stays one step ahead of its audience throughout and it extends its shelf-life by being one of those movies that are completely different when watched the second time around. Its elements of mystery are balanced out with some comedic moments and dramatic turns.

We had no idea what to expect going into this movie as the trailer is about as mysterious as the storyline itself. However, not knowing what to expect is exactly the way movies should be experienced, as it elevates the possibilities for surprises and memorable moments. This movie does that very successfully.

Although sex trafficking occurs in the film, the heaviness of the topic is not explored. We’re showed a few girls in captivity but the attention is not placed on them. The focus of the movie is on the main characters and their experiences and agendas. Khanyi Mbau touches on this in our red carpet interview with her, explaining that storytelling should be allowed to be fun, without always being too serious and educational. Which is what we experienced with this film. Not edutainment, but pure entertainment. Its plot twists and turns challenge the audience to be open-minded and the beautiful cinematography expands the sense of possibilities within the story, making it feel like a high-budget, international film.

The cast is very talented, I personally enjoyed the performances of the villains in this story. Special attention is paid to details that you could miss if you don’t pay close attention. Its an experience that we recommend for anyone interested in seeing South African stories told in a new and exciting way. It’s incredible that our film industry is allowing for more experiments in this way. Trying new things and expanding our style of storytelling is what will ultimately propel us forward as African artists.

Check out Red Room this weekend and let us know what you think!

Girl Boss rating: 7/10


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