Dear First Year Me

It’s time to take a very big step to making your dreams come true. You have come this far in being accepted at this institution, which means you have paved a very beautiful journey for growth.  Do not ever be afraid to do what you put your mind to. Do not let anyone or anything compromise enjoying your life and learning from your mistakes. It verifies that you are bold – that you can do this! Be proud and be loud about it because you have made it this far.

You are starting a new chapter in your life, and I know you may be nervous but I also know that you are excited about it, because you are finally going to learn more about what you are passionate about. Even if you are not that passionate but you have a big move and a beautiful one. Stay strong because you will have days that will make you feel like giving up. Don’t let in! Don’t give up! You can do this! You have gotten this far and that says something about who you are

Be a go getter

Always remember that you will always get out what you have put in, therefore remember to always do your best and push yourself even further. Trust me when I say that you will be smiling all the way to the bank to reap your rewards. Others will be proud of you, others will not, but you have to be proud of yourself when you have gotten to the finish line, because you did it! You made it happen and will only be the beginning.

Friends will come and go some will stay but understand that you need to stray true to yourself your values and principles, do not ever compromise your happiness just to fit in, Appreciated friendships that empower you and let go of the toxic relationships or they can either contribute positively or negatively in your journey take pride and be selfish with your time

Some days will be very difficult so go out and seek help while you still can so that you don’t sink with the ship. Speak out, stand up and raise your hand in a lecture hall never mind the huge crowd staring at you like you are crazy, you might never know how many peers you are helping by asking what you don’t understand. You won’t do well in some assignments, you will fail some exams but don’t let that break you Try to give yourself more time to prepare and go over and over what you have done because like they say practice makes perfect ,“well in the case practice will give you better results and better understanding of the work you are doing’’. Let it be motivation to re look into the ways you study, that exam scripts with bad marks is not the end of you trust me it gets better with time and experience and you will be walking down the Great Hall stairs having conquered the Wits edge.

You will miss home so dearly, mom won’t be always around to cook and help you with laundry, your well-being and health is most important take care of yourself. Remember it’s okay to cry yourself to sleep. You got this brave girl, look where I am now!

Your matured self


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