Top 5 Travel Destinations in Africa 2019

TRAVEL, as much as you can,

as far as you can,

as long as you can.

Life is not meant to be lived in one place.

This is something we struggle with the most as millennials, particularly millennials in Africa. I cannot tell you how many times Whats App groups have been created in the hopes of planning a local successful trip, however they never manifest. We either slowly start losing people, or lose interest, as it seems like nothing is falling into place, and a result of this is finding ourselves located in one place, while we witness others become globetrotters. Some of us have been fortunate enough to travel outside of the continent, but reflecting on that, traveling within the African borders was never a consideration. This is mainly due to the fact that most existing travel agencies don’t have itineraries that include African travel. Also there is this idea that it is unsafe to travel Africa, especially alone.

However, there are more and more emerging travel companies, both local and international that are creating opportunities for solo and group traveling across Africa. But even without these travel companies, it is possible to plan a safe and successful trip to most parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa is truly an astoundingly and remarkable continent, with many adventures, historical sites, traditions, cultures and teachings that one can immerse themselves in and experience a unique transformation. It is a place like no other, and I rate it is time we fully explore.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

The city of Cape Town has been repeatedly voted the most beautiful city in the world, and who can blame it? It is blessed with the most beautiful landscapes, overseeing the city, renowned mountain hiking trails that oversee amazing sunrises and sunsets. The city is surrounded by wine yards that produce local and international wines. It also is the host of some of the best beaches in Africa. Basically it is the hub for beautiful views and beautiful people.

Photo by Arno Smit
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania

This semi-autonomous region of Tanzania is where you should be headed if you’re all about white sand and blue water beaches. This island is also known for having the best resorts and luxury hotels the continent has to offer. The island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean so can expect to experience warm water currents, with delicious seafood. It is the most ideal place to relax, distress, or even enjoy a romantic escape with your partner.

Photo by Jordan McQueen
Photo by Javi Lorbada
  • Accra, Ghana

A western African stop to the city of Accra is an absolute must! Particularly the Art Centre. If you enjoy market shopping, you will love the streets of Ghana. So vibrant and so energetic. You can expect plenty of handcrafted art and local cuisine.  This green city if filled with a pop of colour almost at every corner of your eye. It is modern yet so cultural.

Photo by Victor Kwashie
  • Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda is currently the fastest growing economy in the world after Ethiopia, and we just cannot wait to step foot there. Village tours are very popular amongst this region; this is perfect for the exploring tourist who aims to be enriched by tradition and culture. The green safaris are where you will experience gorillas in Africa, which we know is not very common. The city is booming, so is life, so are the people, and one is guaranteed a phenomenal experience.

Photo by Maxime Niyomwungeri
  • Nairobi, Kenya

You didn’t think I would leave Nairobi out of this list did you? This is probably one of the most traveled cities in Africa and perhaps it’s because they are one of the most beautiful people to visit. With Swahili as the spoken language, we are already mesmerized. This is also the home of the Maasai people, which is one of the most known populations with years of history and tradition. Nairobi is where you will want to shop for African material (Maasai market), visit national parks and of course take walks on the hills.

Photo by Yonko Kilasi

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