How A Super Moon And An Equinox Could Mean A New, Better You!

Written by Khayisile Msebenzi

This Super Moon and Equinox could mean a better you, a better version of yourself, if you let it, and if you take charge and don’t just let life happen to you can create your life consciously.

March 20th 2019 is special because of the Super Moon that is falling on an Equinox, the Autumn Equinox for us in the Southern Hemisphere.  This will happen again in 2038!  It is an alignment that only happens every 19 years.  An equinox is when the Sun is directly above Earth, the Earth usually sits at an angle to the Sun.  The reason this changing in tilt happens, aligning earth directly to the Sun, is because the Earth’s tilt is changing.  So for us in the Southern Hemisphere this Autumn Equinox marks the beginning of Autumn and means we are tilting away from the Sun and so starts colder weather. 

Autumn Equinox showing that the Earth’s Axis is changing and Southern Hemisphere will tilt away from the Sun.

We have a few super-moons occurring in a year, and don’t get tired yet of people getting hyped about the moons and other celestial bodies and events going forward, this is because times are changing, whether you are spiritual, religious or just a compassionate human trying hard to be good, you should get excited by celestial happenings, because we are celestial beings and we are affected by them.  That is why nature is very closely affected by celestial events such as where the moon is or where the sun is, and is also affected by our impact as humans on the celestial body of our mother earth, through our over consumption and pollution.

It is no mistake and it is not meaningless, nothing in nature is meaningless, but we get so caught up with every day living that we don’t align with nature or take cues from nature.

The best art has been inspired by nature, so it is with this wisdom that we look to nature on how to maximize on the benefits of the bounty offered by the change of seasons.  Because although we may not enjoy Autumn and Winter because they keep us indoors, there are some benefits we can derive and learn from nature to make our lives better. 

Photo by Jakob Owens

With the Autumn Equinox upon us, the trees talk of shedding the old in preparation for the new.  Energy of strain, stress and concern over day to day worries can accumulate to the point that you feel top heavy, what better time than now is there to shed that with Autumn?  With the help of the full moon for cleansing there is no better time to remove the old, which does not serve you and create space for the new, which is in tune with your goals and vision.

Being the custodians of the feminine principle it is time to also uncloak the filters that channel the feminine principle, is your femininity in tune with the times and seasons or is it held back by dated beliefs?  With the high energy of the equinox, the feminine principle awaits to present itself to every custodian ready to sing the melody that is in tune with the season.

Photo by Marteus Bertelli

Autumn prepares us for the hibernation of winter and bonding with the new in you, do not miss the opportunity to shed stagnant energies, habits that drain you, and just clearing the spaces in your life, inside and out, now in Autumn so that in winter you start bonding with your new ideals whilst in hibernation.  Use winter to deeply re-evaluate and re-plan so that in winter you are planning out your execution and preparing your mindset to go for what is new, use winter to nourish and revitalize yourself. 

Autumn is for removing the weeds so that you plant in winter and you start blossoming in spring.  If weeds are not removed, what is meant to grow will be stunted by the weeds and will not be able to grow to its full potential.

Here are 3 things you can do now as Autumn begins to remove the weeds and remove the stale energy:

  1. Spend time for the rest of this month writing down and examining the things that didn’t seem to be clear, evaluate if they are clearer now? Are you still unhappy in your relationship? Unhappy at work? Not clear which career to follow?  The Full Moon brings energies of clarity and are best to use to meditate to find the answer from within you.
  • If you are big on social media or on the social scene, decrease the time you spend on social media, this includes WhatsApp and other messaging.  The aim is to create some quiet in your life so you can see the weeds in your life.  If you are constantly “busy” you can’t see the weeds.
  • This month ends the first quarter of the year, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals and whether you are executing according to plan.  Did you have too many goals? Too few goals? Over-ambitious or under-ambitious?
Photo by Mike Petrucci
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