The Girl From St Agnes: Girl Boss Review

Genre: Murder Mystery

Cast: Nina Milner, Tyrone Keogh, Jane DeWet, Shamilla Miller, Robert Hobbs

Seasons: 1 Season, 8 Episodes

Length: Approx 52 minutes per episode

Language: English

Director: Catherine Cooke, Cindy Lee

Girl Boss rating: 8.5/10

First Thoughts

A Phenomenal South African Production. In all honesty I was never prepared for this local production, I don’t know why but from when I started viewing it, I was already well and suited with my critical hat, but to my surprise, this series took me by shock. In my opinion it is by far one of our best productions, maybe because I’m really a lover of a good thriller / suspense production. I am crossing my fingers for a second season.


Ms Ballard is utterly committed to solving this crime, which leads to her discovering many hidden secrets and agendas by the individuals (pupils and staff members) in the school or those who have close contact to the girl’s at the school. The series is layered with secrets, secrets that are slowly uncovered, basically leading to the questioning of every character, including Ms Ballard. I guess the tagline makes sense, ‘At St. Agnes, the only saint is in the name’, as all characters are more than just one-dimensional, they are multifaceted, and the suspense lies in disclosing everyone’s true motive.

Why you should watch ‘The Girl from St. Agnes’

If you are South African you will absolutely love the plot, especially the subliminal messages which can be deciphered as themes. The themes are dark but are relevant to our society. Bullying is a tragedy in the series and so is it in our society. Teenage sexuality, rape culture and misogyny are explored and scrutinized, which directly comments on our society. These are acts that are very much prevalent in both private and public schools. Social media is highlighted as a major concern, as a tool that can be negatively utilized to assassinate one’s identity, cyber bullying is a major concern in the global community as a whole.

What I Didn’t Enjoy

I only wished that there was a black lead in the series, it would largely engage and represent the audience that is in private school spaces.

Spoiler Alert!

Also, Lexi’s narrative would’ve been more powerful if her motives had been explored and actually revealed. Her ambiguous narrative is not gratifying as we are unable to identify with her personally.

Otherwise, big ups to this production, I honestly cannot wait to see more from this crew, also such phenomenal acting!


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