The Movie ‘Us’, Girl Boss Review

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Elizabthe Moss

Length: 2 Hours

Written, Directed and Produced by Oscar Winner Jordan Peele

Girl Boss Rating: 8/10

Jordan Peele

The thriller (well Jordan Peele claims it’s a horror – so it is a horror) we have been waiting for has finally hit South Africa’s cinemas. It officially made its debut at 8pm on the 23rd of March at selected Sterkinekor cinemas across the country. As you can imagine seats were limited, and that meant that they were quickly sold out. But if you missed this debut, don’t worry It will fully return in the next week, and that time it will be available for screening at all Sterkinekor cinemas nationwide. 

I love horror movies; the suspense just gets to me. This was no disappointment. In the past I have never built enough courage to actually go view a horror/thriller movie at the cinema, but this is freaking Jordan Peele man, a legend amongst many other black Hollywood directors, I had to book my seat, I had to show up, and I did.

‘US’ is a build up but not a sequel from his 2017 film ‘Get Out’ that Peele won a best original screenplay Oscar for. So you can imagine the anticipation surrounding this release, because damn, ‘Get Out’, we all thought was the one. It was just so brilliant, so genius, so well played, just a beautiful orchestration that played on all the human senses. That, I feel, is what makes a great thriller/horror film, a film that plays on our senses as an audience, particularly sensory deprivation.

Sorry, I got carried away…


‘US’ follows a typical family of four on their vacation to Adelaide Winston’s beachfront family home, where she grew up as a child. What her family does not know is that she had a traumatic experience that has haunted her to the point that she went mute. Her family, oblivious to her traumatic childhood experience, just wants to fully get into holiday mode, but her fears quickly surface and that is when it all goes down. Her fears become a reality, and soon they are left fending for their lives.

Plot Twist – Spoiler!

A part of me likes it, but most of me hates it when there is a sudden plot twist in a film, particularly towards the end. Ambiguous endings are just the worst, but the end of this movie will have you questioning your intelligibility. There had to be an explanation released afterwards, because it’s genuinely a ‘what the fudge’ moment. The answer as to who really is the villain is based on perspective and that will require your introspection.

What I Enjoyed The Most

This film will have you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie. It is thrilling, exciting, anxious, hilarious, and scary all at the same time. Of course being a Jordan Peele movie, you will have a good laugh. I kid you not when I say that watching this film in the cinema will just add to the ‘fun’ of experiencing horror movies. The whole audience is with you, experiencing the same emotions with you, some more than others. Spoiler! I also loved that it does not have your typical heroic ending – you know where the good guys always win, although it might seem like it, but it’s not the case. However as I mentioned, you will be left to determine this on your own.

What to look out for

I would recommend that you pay close attention to Red’s narrative, from the second she says “once upon a time”, there are plenty of subliminal messages in her story, and this will help you get a better picture of the tethered version of the story.

But this is a definite must-watch because firstly ‘its freaking a Jordan Peele Production’, but more importantly because the true message of the movie is something we should all think about, although most of it is a fictional creation, but what really happened to the network of abandoned, underground tunnels across America… Oh, Peele alerts you about this at the start of the movie.

Watch the trailer here

Us- Official Trailer


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