3 Reasons Behind Starting My Own Blog

By Thandeka Dube of African Tea

I started my blog, African Tea, at a time when I was desperate to find and live in my purpose. I felt that in order to live my best life I had to first find my purpose and everything would align once I walked in it. I would be much happier, and I knew that God and the universe would easily guide me through what I was created to do. So, after much thought, I came to the conclusion that my purpose was to uplift and give a platform to young women of color around the world.

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ONE.  I started my own blog to create a safe, authentic and unfiltered platform for young women of color. A platform that can make not only young of color but the world see how invaluable, powerful and intelligent we are.

In my opinion, in some, if not most, cultures young women are grossly undermined. We are often told to take the back seat and given frivolous tasks which I feel can stunt our growth to reaching our full potential. We are told to leave it to the men, boys and elders leading to their entitlement and sometimes the abuse of young women. With my blog I really hope to counteract this through interviewing and sharing the stories of successful young women of color who have dismantled boundaries and are making it the norm to do what they do in a world that pulls them back simply because of their gender and race.       

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TWO. To encourage people to live in their purpose and pursue their dreams regardless of their background and circumstance.  

I hope to do this through sharing the stories of people who have managed to pursue their dreams despite the challenges and have thrived in doing so. Basically to humanize them and show the world that all these “celebrities” we look up to are people like you and me, who have put their all into achieving what they have.  

THREE. Showcase the beauty and significance of various arts and cultures.  

By arts I mean all types of art; film, music, fine arts, literature etc. At the time when I was trying to find my purpose. I analysed my passions and one of them was the art. Ever since I was young I’ve always loved the arts from my obsession with Disney channel to my love for Jacqueline Wilson books. And since I’m no singer, actor, dancer or fine artist, I figured I’d share my love for the arts through my blog.

Culture, because I feel it’s important to know and embrace your origins and identity. It gives you a sense of stability and belonging.

All in all, with my blog I wish to achieve success, joy, and indispensable knowledge for not only me but humans around the world looking to make sense of and make the best out of life.

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