How To Grow Your Hair Under A Wig

Wigs have definitely increased in popularity over the past few years. In fact, wigs have seemed to replace sew in weaves amongst the slay queens. A good quality wig looks natural, I remember growing up and thinking that the African Americans I saw on TV really have hair like Amarie in her music video One Thing for example. Also what’s great about them is that you can wear wigs with different hair textures. It’s not just straight hair, natural hair looking wigs are also prevalent even braided hair wigs. A full lace or lace front wig hair line is seamless and almost indistinguishable from a natural hair line.

Photo by Madi Green

Wigs are also a protective hairstyle. Meaning that it is a style that doesn’t require a lot of hair styling and manipulation and therefore the hair is less likely to break off. This means that you can actually grow your hair under a wig and many have. However, some women wear wigs so often that their natural or relaxed hair is neglected under the wig and even though wigs are considered a protective style, their hair actually gets damaged from over using wigs. Try to not wear your wigs 7 days a week, that’s not healthy. Give your hair air and sunshine at least on weekends.

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Now you should never sleep with a wig on. I know this may be difficult when bae is sleeping next to you. But it is recommended that you take off your wig and let your hair and scalp breath at the end of the day.

The enemy of healthy hair is dryness. Therefore, it is imperative that you combat dry hair. The first step of maintaining moisturized hair is by drinking plenty of water. The recommended amount is about 2.2l of water a day. Eating fruits also keeps you hydrated and full of vitality. Basically, ensure that you are getting the nutrients and hydration from the inside out first.

Even though you are wearing a wig, be sure to keep a good hair care regimen, like co-washing, conditioning, and doing hair masks or deep conditioning at least once a week.

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So, to freshly co-washed, conditioned and dried hair, you apply your moisturisers. Most people section their hair when moisturizing to make sure they don’t miss any patches. A tried and tested method to get maximum moisture into your hair is the LOC method. This is layering a Leave In conditioner, Oil and Cream onto your hair before braiding into corn rows or your preferred style that keeps the hair as flat as possible under your wig. A decent leave in conditioner has either water or aloe vera as one of the top two ingredients… Guess what? The Girl Boss Leave in conditioner spray for natural hair and the daily strengthening hair and braid spray for relaxed hair has water, and then aloe vera as the two most predominant ingredients. What’s the next one you might ask? Marula oil. Drops Mic*

The next step in the LOC method is oil. Coconut oil is very popular in hair care circles, avocado oil also has a good reputation and Jamaican black castor oil is prized.

For the cream you can try the Girl Boss growth hair food for relaxed hair or the growth butter for natural hair to seal the moisture in.  When applying the moisturisers ensure that you massage the hair from roots to tips, pay extra attention to the ends as they are the most likely to break off from dryness.

After you have cornrowed your hair, you apply an oil in between the cornrows onto the scalp. A bottle with a pointed tip makes for easy application as seen in our Girl Boss hair growth oil pictured below. It is a blend of mango butter, marula oil, castor oil and shea butter making it a powerful moisturizer yet its light and easily absorbed into the scalp.

Then you apply your wig cap after leaving your hair to dry a little. You should never put a wig on wet or damp hair as this will create a breeding ground for bacteria and funky smells. On the other hand, wig caps have been known to dry out hair as fabric absorbs moisture. So once every two to three days spray the Girl Boss leave in conditioner or the daily strengthening hair and braid spray to combat this drying out effect. After that you apply your wigs as per usual. Another wig hair care tip is to use a water-based glue when laying your wig on your edges so that you can easily wipe it off after taking off your hair nightly.

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