The Sudanese Revolution May Not Be Televised But It Will Be Documented & Shared On Social Media

Girl Boss has heard the call for action and stands in solidarity with the Sudanese people, in the transcendental spirit of Ubuntu; to take measures to not let their peaceful civilian led revolution be stolen by the countries military elite. This is our response to the call. #IAmTheSudanRevolution

This article is written and edited by Simi Gumede.

Disclaimer: The following article contains information that is upsetting.

What Exactly Is Going On In Sudan?

Picture By Dinamik

In December last year Sudanese People took to the streets to show their dissatisfaction with the Sudanese Government which was led by then despot Omar Al-Bashir. Al-Bashir seized control through a military coup d’état in 1989 and ruled brutally for 30 years until peaceful civilian protestors said no more as under his authoritarian rule Sudan suffered economic decline in which the cost of bread and fuel became unbearable.

Bashir is the leader of which the War in Dafur took place under. In which several hundreds of thousand people died, and eventually culminated in the succession of South Sudan, which is the worlds youngest country in 2011. He is wanted for war crimes, which are crimes against humanity.

The conflict in Dafur Sudan was sparked by allegations of Apartheid in which the muslim community oppressed and exploited the non-arab groups, therefore the marginalized took up arms against the government initiating a civil war. This led to the Arab government carrying out what is known as ‘ethnic cleansing’ to purge Sudan of non-muslims.

Although the country has now split, and north Sudan remains a muslim majority state, the people of north Sudan set aside their differences and banded together as one with the majority muslims and minority non-muslims to remove the Dictator and Genocidaire Omar Al-Bashir.

Sudanese Protest Art

The Sudanese Uprising is being spearheaded by women and The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) which is made up of professionals like doctors, teachers, lawyers and students. The symbol of the Sudan Revolution is the peace gesture. It is a symbol of resistance against the oppressive Sudanese regime and representative of how the people are propelled by the values of peace, freedom and hope for a prosperous and harmonious Sudan.

Members of the Association of Professors at Sudanese Universities, Colleges and Higher Institutes, protest in Khartoum.

The protestors through public demonstrations of unity managed to remove Omar Al-Bashir on the 11th of April 2019. How this was achieved is that the Sudanese military abandoned him and joined the civilian protestors calling for democratic rule. The military proceeded to release political detainees, political opposition leaders and lifted the curfew in Khartoum as a sign of good faith. The military formed the Transitional Military Council which through negotiations with The Sudanese Professionals Association and political opposition leaders, were to assume temporary control of the Government in order to facilitate democratic elections in 6 months time. When the negotiation talks were almost concluded, The Transitional Military Council extended their ‘temporary rule’. The people of Sudan who having almost attained their victory against an oppressive regime had their promised liberation snatched away from them by the legion of patriarchs that form the military elite.

Sudanese Protestor

This led to mass demonstrations across the country. In the capital city of Khartoum there was a two month long public sit in, in which the Rapid Support Forces Unit headed by General Mohamed Dagalo opened fire, on unarmed civilians on the 3rd of June 2019. Killing over 100 people. The numbers are estimated as the internet has been suspended by the Military Junta and journalists have had their offices raided and put under house arrest in efforts to stop communication and control the discourse; by hindering access to information. The aim of this senseless killing was to strike fear in the hearts of the people and to destabilize the civilian resistance by taking away their place of gathering. Currently, anyone who is seen using their phones by taking a picture or recording a video in public is shot by the Junta’s soldiers and agents.

Photo by Ashraf Shazly

“It is time for the people to stand strong and united in order to take their civil rights from the militants who want to hinder the rights of the people and the revolution that resulted in the death of many promising young people”

Sudanese Protestor in the video below
Youtube Video by TRTWorld
Photo by Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

The Sudanese population is remarkably young with 2/3 (63%) Sudanese being under the age of 25 , and 43% of population is under the age of 15, according to the CIA (2018).

The ‘Transitional’ Military Council

De facto Head of State Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan 

The self-proclaimed president and head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) is Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Burhan, pictured above. He is seen as a figure head as he is not wanted for war crimes and is therefore a ‘softer face’ of the TMC. The real power in the military is his second in command, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo who is also known as Hemedti, it was his forces who massacred civilians on the 3rd of June in Khartoum. He is wicked and is the commander who carried out the genocide in Dafur, with his unit which was known as the Janjaweed, which translates to “The Devils on Horseback”. They use systematic raping, among other horrendous and illegal military tactics. They rape women, children and, men in front of their children according to a Sudanese doctor and member of the Sudanese Professionals Association in the video below.

Video by #Africa provided by DSTV, eNCA on channel 403
General Mohammed ‘Hemedti’ Hamdan Dagalo

Who’s Funding The Military Council?

They have access to the former government’s reserves however the TMC recently received $3 Billion Dollars in aid from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Hemedti has also met with the Crowned Princes of Saudi Arabia, The UAE and the Military Dictator and President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who hijacked the people’s democratic moment in Egypt. This movement is known as the Arab Spring which was too propelled by social media activism. It is believed that the Sudanese Militia received this funding from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates due to Sudans geo-political significance of having control of a section of land that leads to the Red Sea which is an essential oil trade route. No, not the aromatherapy oils, Petroleum oil. #Jokes #WeWillNotBeDisheartened #LoveAndJoyReignSupreme #IAmTheSudanRevolution

Hemedti’s unit, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) control the borders of Sudan, and implement what is known as the ‘Khartoum Process’ which is funded by the European Union. Officially this funding is to ensure the safety of refugees in transit to Europe but in truth, the RSF find and deport migrants from Eritrea and Ethiopia back to the dire environments they are escaping from. This a violation of human rights and the RSF have been said to abuse refugees according to International Human Rights Groups.

The People Remain Steadfast

Sudanese Protestor
Sudanese Protestors: Photo by Agence France-Presse [AFP]
Credit: AFP
Credit: Getty Images

The Woman In White

Alaa Salah, The Nubian Queen

The face of the Sudanese Uprising is 22 year old student activist Alaa Salah, she has been lovingly dubbed, “Kandaka” which means Nubian Queen, which is a reference to the powerful African Nubian Queens of old Sudan. She is also referred to as the “Woman in White” and “Lady Liberty”. After, images and videos of her sing traditional and protest songs on a white car at a peaceful public gathering went viral on social media. #TheFutureIsFemale #GirlsLead

The Protestors Demands

  • Civilian Rule
  • End The Militias
  • Women’s Rights

Change Has Began

The world is changing for the better. The oppressive regimes of the past and their new masks are starting to crack. The toxic masculine leaders may have access to funds and guns, but the true revolution is an ideological one. People have begun thinking independently and progressively. The shutting down of the media and the internet in Sudan is not going stop the hope the people have in their hearts for a better future. These men think they can ‘Grab us by the pussy’ but the pussy claps backs with chants of freedom; in the name of human dignity. The feminine will continue to rise and lead us to a brighter future that is in coherence with love and therefore self-empowerment. We call on loving men to join us in creating this future, as together we are stronger.

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