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Tattoos, Piercings and Boys

Tattoos, piercings and boys – I don’t even know how to get into this one but as far as I can see it, it all gels and works together nicely. But not according to Lihle, my friend. We were in conversation about journeying together to her sister’s graduation in the UK, when I excitedly shared […]

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The African Child

I don’t know about you but I certainly find it rather interesting that International Day of the African Child, Youth Day and Father’s Day all fall on the same day this year in South Africa. It’s like the phases of a person, don’t you think? A child, a youth then an adult (father). Maybe I’m […]

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Why I’m not a Feminist

Because I am not angry. I’m okay with serving the man of the house his food. On a tray. Perform a slight curtsy, uttering sweet nothings as I place the tray of food down. I’m okay with him being (labelled) ‘the man of the house’, let him be the head of the family – I’m […]

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