‘Bozza’ by Gigi LaMayne – Music Review

by Nonhle Matsebula

Even if you know very little about the South African music scene or pay little attention to it, it is easy to see that there is a serious deficit of females in the industry, especially as women are major buyers and supporters of local music.  So we love seeing and supporting female MCs who are working to change the game and remain authentic artists no matter the difficulties. 

At Girl Boss we are all about showing appreciation and celebrating women from all walks of life who are bossing up, unapologetically. It inspires us to see one of SA’s leading female MC’s, Gigi LaMayne, out doing what she loves whilst empowering, inspiring, entertaining and being of service to others.

Gigi’s latest video just dropped, following the release of her single, Bozza, which came out last year. If you know any of her previous tracks you already know that she is a force to be reckoned with. Ice Cream is still at the top of our playlist at Girl Boss, and we’re still moved by Fees Must Fall

What stood out the most for us about Bozza is how Gigi takes ownership of the word or title ‘Bozza,’ a street word meaning ‘boss’, which is usually associated with males and seems permitted to be bestowed on women only when men say she is a bozza. LaMayne takes a stand and changes the narrative, claiming space for all women in the streets and in hip hop.

Another thing that sets this video apart is that it is about being a ‘bozza’ without needing all the flash and extravagance that hip hop videos tend to focus on.  Besides the vintage Rolls Royce which complimented the setting, nothing else was overly flashy or over the top. And to me that highlights the truth that to be a boss, to be a girl boss, you don’t need to prove anything to others or demand attention.

In the Bozza video, Gigi looks like a woman coming into herself, owning her vision, confident and humble; unpretentious and relatable, most importantly knowledgeable in her craft and the stories she is telling. I mean damn, she is all about relaying the message of women #BossingUp in the most humble and sincerest way possible, I admire that.

The track is effortless and uplifting – a track to be played in the club and also on a Sunday drive.  Her voice and demeanor are undemanding yet present, making her sound very easy to connect with because it’s as if we can hear her personality. Plus, she sings too! What’s not to love?

The video quality is an indicator of how music video production in Mzansi is improving. It’s a simple, authentically South African hip hop video that makes the video all about the music, no distractions. The frames and shots are well thought-out, bringing together the culture of hip-hop and South African black culture with an aesthetic that represents Mzansi for real. We look forward to sharing our chat with this #GirlBoss who inspires us by constantly being a bona fide version of herself and a breath of fresh air for an industry that is tough for female MCs.

Be sure to check out the Bozza video on YouTube if you haven’t already. You can also stream or buy her track on all leading streaming platforms. Definitely let us know what you think of the song and video! And stay tuned for our talk with Gigi about the state of our culture in this generation.