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Your World Your Rules

When I read the Girl Boss slogan; My World My Rules, from my desk every now and then I imagine myself as the feminine ruler of a formidable empire. Maybe, that’s the Leo in me. According to astrology our secret desire is to rule the world… What does being a girl mean to you? Our […]

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For The Love of Home: African Decor Ideas

We love our African continent, from her iconic shape, majestic forests, beautiful people and epic wild life. Our home continent has a lot to offer, pristine beaches, numerous natural resources, precious minerals and metals. The origin of the human race is in Africa, South Africa to be specific. Africa is the mother land. I love […]

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Cry, the Beloved Mzansi

Increasingly crime and violence in South Africa has been brought to my attention. It has gotten to the point where we hear horrific stories in the news that make us feel both outraged and demoralised at the same time. We live in a sea of distractions, just as you focus on something, something else happens […]

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