3 Reasons You Deserve To Live Your Best Life

Many of us girls have been taught that we need to make our loved ones happy, be it our parents or our lovers. And of course, this is a noble request. All people need to be supportive and respectful of others. And, all people, including us girls deserve to have our dreams come true. Yes, we have our financial goals and academic ambitions but on a deeper level, our dreams can be, to simply be happy.

Happiness is an emotion, but it is also a state of mind that is consciously chosen. This is not to say that depression is a choice and there is sometimes a societal lack of understanding on depression. However, you do choose your beliefs. Therefore, believe in yourself. Seek your best life.

Photo by @Nappy

We’re here to tell you that your best life is possible. This may seem obvious but sometimes, subconsciously or even consciously people do not believe they are worthy of, or even capable of, feeling predominantly joyful, inspired and empowered.  These emotions and your best life are a reward within themselves. But in case you need further convincing, I am going to tell you why you deserve to live your best life.

  1. Its good for the community, society and humanity. When you are inspired there is progress, there is excellence. And girl, you are capable of excellence.  When you are jujuvated your creativity and productivity goes through the roof. If uplifting the community is your desire, you will be most of service when you are happy. Yes, feeling good, is good for you but it is a blessing to society. Who knows what you can invent? What problems you could solve when all your faculties are stimulated.  Therefore, you deserve to live your best life because it is a doorway to infinite possibility.
  2. It’s justice. Living your best life is liberation. This is what our beloved elders fought for in the struggle against apartheid and colonialism. Being female too comes with its barriers and if you want to right this wrong, become the feminine leader we have all been waiting for. Not for fame or clout, you can be an inspiration even if it is just for your little sister.
  3. You are a spark of the divine. Congratulations, you are alive. You are worthy. You deserve to live your best life because your consciousness is unique, powerful and unlimited. It pleases God when you are happy. It makes the ancestors smile. And, don’t you want to make your loved ones in heaven cheer?
Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi