How To Change Your Thoughts To Be Positive So They Serve You In Manifesting Your Best Life

Part 1

I am a cheer leader for team positivity. It’s all about the feel-good vibes. However, one must admit that often people throw around words like ‘change your mindset, change your life’ and we’re left not certain on what positive thinking really means in actual terms. Like learning anything training your mind to see the positive in any situation and in yourself takes some time and effort. So be patient with yourself, you’ll get there, sooner than you think.

Why change your thoughts? 

One of the worst things can be when your thoughts turn on you and you take the opportunity you bring yourself down at every instance, this will surely lead to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. It’s important to note that it’s not your thoughts that have turned on you, you have turned on yourself. You don’t believe in yourself and you doubt your capabilities. You negatively judge yourself and you are your own worst critic. You have chosen this mental position. Although there are societal pressures, and external factors like having an abusive or oppressive person in your life bring you down. You choose to believe them, just like how you can choose to focus your mental energy to learn how to believe in yourself. 

Negative people actually ‘look for proof’ and focus their mental energy on their so called ‘incompetence’.  They also compare themselves to others and judge themselves inadequate or a failure in relation to the perceived ‘success’ of others. This leads to painful insecurity, jealously and delusional thinking. This only serves to add to the suffering in our world, because hurt people, go on to hurt people. Negative thoughts are simply not the truth, they are disempowered beliefs in action. 

What are thoughts? 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nicola Tesla

Everything is energy. Including thoughts, they are an emission. They are also what you consciously focus your attention on in that specific moment. We think what we think is the truth of that moment. We use our mentality to make sense of things, to find the truth of any situation. Truth be told, we are indeed truth seekers. We seek to understand what it is we are observing. When you have negative self-esteem for example, you are choosing to believe in a lie. You may not see it as that because you believe what you are thinking is the truth. But in truth, it is a lie because you are so epic I cannot even say how epic you really are. FACTS

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Emotions are the language of the soul. That negative emotional feedback of depression…etc is your soul telling you, you need to change something it is unhappy. Because as a truth seeker, you are believing and therefore living in mistruth. You have betrayed yourself, and you feel ‘off’. What about chronic depression? You can say but how is that fair, how can the universe curse me like this, I was born with this predisposition. Then it means your ancestral line were living in mistruth, and now its up to you to evolve past that, so you can clear it from your genetic blueprint. Maybe, you were born into that family as a blessing, to clear the future humans in lineage of that disposition. Maybe that was your souls intention upon manifesting into this realm. The universe is intentional, you are here for a reason. Therefore, let your ‘reason’ be your conscious decision. 

Attracting Blessings

I believe in manifestation. That you consciously or unconsciously create your own reality. You may have heard players on team positive saying something like, first and foremost, ‘set the intention’. What do they mean when they say this? 

How you begin to consciously manifest your reality is that you get clear on what your intentions are in life.

What is it that you want? You can do this on a surface level for example, ‘I want material success’. Which is great, I also aim to be financially abundant but what I mean is asking yourself why do you want material success? Get to the core of what is it that you truly want. 

For example:

I want x luxury car. You can say I want x car because I want the ‘best’ for myself. That’s great then you know what you want. But most people want the luxury car so that when they drive around town, they want their fellow towns people to think that they are successful in life. That means what you really want is praise. But let’s get deeper. Why do you want acclaim? Because you seek validation from others. Why do you need others to validate your ‘success’? Why can’t you be a millionaire in a normal car for example? Then the deeper layer, is that you want social power. What’s the truth of seeking social influence? When you get to the core of it, the truth of your desire for a luxury car is that you want people to see that you are a force to be reckoned with. You want their recognition and acceptance. After you attain this then you can finally accept and approve of yourself. After you have purchased the car (most cars are not purchased, they are loaned) you can say to yourself, I am powerful. I am worthy. But the truth is you are more than worthy, you are priceless. Before you bought the car, you were more than enough. 

Get Crystal Clear On What Your Intentions Are

Your desires can be interpreted by the lower ego mind as desires such as being seen as successful or cool by others but when you get to the core of it, the truth of your desire is that you want to be loved and accepted by people. You want to be loved, beloved. 

Getting clear on what your intentions are is twofold. I think we can all agree that we want to live a life filled with happiness. Therefore, it means asking yourself two things.

1What does my happiest life look like? Be precise and use your imagination. Team positive players always say ‘visualize it and feel what it would feel like to have your desires come true’. However in my experience, you are going to be far happier than you can imagine, but imagine what your happiest life would look like nonetheless. Train your mind to get crystalline on what your best life looks like. Think of it as a form of prayer, but with inspiring mental images. You can also write down what your most joyful life looks like, describe it in detail.

“I really believe that if I want something, God has three answers. It’s either Yes; Yes, but not right now; or No, because I have something better in store for you”

Kerry Washington
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2What are my highest intentions? Why are you doing this thing called life? Get intentional about your existence. What meaning are you going to attribute your existence to? What are you going to do with the consciousness you have been given? What are you going to do with your life? The choice is yours to make in each and every moment. 

I suggest doing this process of sifting and discovering your core intentions with the written word. When you write you focus your mental energy on expressing the truth of what you are thinking. Also, you can refer back to them at a later stage, although you can change your intentions. You can also ponder it of course, do what suits you.

Once you sort through your intentions you will discover that your highest intentions are, becoming the greatest version of yourself. Yes, we are sophisticated beings but we are still evolving. We want to continually grow, adapt and master our lives. For me, mastering life means becoming a master practitioner of love. 

When you have consciously chosen your personal intentions that creates a shift in the time space continuum. This changes your point of attraction which is your individual energetic field. Your thoughts pulsate into the unified energetic field of all that is. And this then changes the unified energy of your life to match your internal vibration. As the ancient hermetic principle goes, As within, So without. All is one, and so the universe collaborates with you to give you what you are focusing on. This is your creative power. The team motto of club manifestation is ‘energy flows where attention goes’

“Knowledge Isn’t Free, You Have To Pay Attention”-Bob Marley 

Pay attention to what you are thinking, you need to ask yourself why do you think the way you do? And you need to be honest with yourself.  Our thoughts are influenced by our beliefs which stem from our cultures, parents and communities; what we watch and pay attention to in the media. The people you surround yourself with also have an influence, as well as your upbringing and education. 

Freedom means breaking free of this social conditioning, of habitual thought processes that may not be authentic to the truth of who you are. Who you really are. Your authentic soul truth, which is your power.

“All expression is art. We are expressions of source. And so, each and every one of us, is essentially a unique piece of God’s art”

Teal Scott

Now, what is the most powerful creative force in the multiverse? Love. How do you align your thoughts with Love? 

The Missing Link: Belief Work 

This is crucial information on manifesting your best life. Your thoughts are influenced by your beliefs. This is where team positivity sometimes misses the ball. They don’t articulate that you need to align your beliefs with love. You need let go of disempowered beliefs and replace them with loving, empowered beliefs. Once you do this, manifestation will become effortless. With love at the core of your beliefs, your best life will be the new sports field you are playing the game of life on. 

Here’s the hard truth although human beings are at their core loving, human society isn’t. Therefore, I encourage you to think for yourself. 

You choose what you believe in and what ideologies you subscribe to. Therefore, subscribe to team Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Truth. If your beliefs are not in alignment with these divine attributes then release the beliefs with your conscious intention, literally will them out of our consciousness. Let love for self, others and the planet be the basis of all your beliefs. This is what it truly means to believe in God. As God is Infinite Love, the Captain, Coach and Founder of Team Positivity. 

If you’re having trouble releasing stubborn negative beliefs like ‘I think I am fat and therefore ugly’ for example, guess who you can ask for guidance? The Divine or Jesus Christ, the angels, your guardian angel, or your authentic soul truth. Beings of light, and Infinite Light respect your sovereignty and right to self-determination. All is connected but you are also an independent being of consciousness, you have the ability to make your own decisions. So, they don’t intervene in your thought processes when decision making. They honor your power of choice, your free-will. In other words, they let you do you boo. Therefore, if you need assistance in spirit, you have to simply ask for it and they would love to help you. Humbly, will them into helping you enhance your will power, and they will provide divine assistance.

I believe we are all a piece of the infinite. You are a being of love, intellect and freedom, and you express that in your own unique way that resonates with your heart. Therefore, replace old, habitual, societal beliefs with love-based ones. Actually, write down, all that you believe to be true about the world. Be honest with yourself, there will be prejudices. There will be self-depreciating beliefs. You are the gate keeper of your own thoughts, therefore catch yourself in the present moment, and say, YOU SHALL NOT PASS to thoughts that are not in alignment with love which is your authentic truth. 

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In the table below I provide an example, of negative beliefs and their positive replacement

Old Disempowered Beliefs Their Positive Replacement
I am poor because I don’t have
I have potential and the blessings are on their way
People are corruptEveryone makes mistakes. People sometimes make decisions which are not in alignment with the
truth of who they are and that
leads to misled actions.
Life is a hustle Life is beautiful
My people and I are the victims of historical injustice I am empowered

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings”

Elizabeth Gilbert 


Choosing to be grateful is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques you can do because you are positively focused on what you already have. Besides making you happy which is a goal attained within itself, but once you begin to do this the universe gives you more blessings to be grateful for. Why does God do this? Because Infinite Consciousness loves itself and remember you are an evolving specimen of consciousness, therefore you can choose to evolve your consciousness by elevating the level of gratitude you can feel in your heart and comprehend with your mind. You can set the intention to progressively raise the level of gratitude you can hold in your consciousness. And God goes, oh this one has chosen to be the most grateful she can be, let me help her evolve her consciousness to emit more gratitude by giving her more blessings to be grateful for, let me help her attain her goal of elevating her gratefulness.

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The truth is, life quite simply is, a thought experiment. So let’s experiment, how much can a Girl Boss flourish?

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Meditation 101

By Khanyisile Msebenzi

The best kind of meditation is when you meditate without meditating, or rather to be in a constant meditative state. It takes some practice to arrive to that state hence the “meditation practices” become useful tools, on the journey to “Beingness”.

Photo by Darius Bashar

Meditation is as scientific as is prayer, as is affirmation, as is a simple exercise like “saying a word”. Simple exercises like washing dishes, tending to a garden, cleaning, cooking and merely observing a flower can be highly meditative when done with specific intention. The magic is not in the tools themselves but the application of consciousness of the all-pervading energy through the tools. So meditation, prayer and affirmation are related and are like the pipes that convey water. It is the water that gives life but to arrive at a certain point there is the need for the pipe, until one reaches the point of, “making it rain/constant meditative state”.

Meditation is an exercise in concentration. The stronger the concentration the ‘deeper’ the meditation. The intention is to focus less and less on physical sensory perception in order to focus more and more on Quantum/Multidimensional Senses. It is through this ‘connection’ with the higher senses that more energy can be channeled and in turn the ‘tapping into’ higher consciousness which facilitates higher quality manifestation. The intention is to remove the mind from conscious perceptual reality to the point of arriving at “thoughtlessness”. Of course this “ultimate” is improbable, so the next practical thing to do is to let the thoughts rise and fall in your mind, without you apportioning any judgement to them.

Photo by Madison Lavern

A question arises. Is meditation some form of religious practice? It is not possible to answer this question because it is asked in an unskilled manner. The question to ask would be, is religion a form of meditation? And the answer to that would be, yes. Religion is a form of meditation in which the religious focus or concentration is on their perception of that they consider to be God, Higher Self or a Deity.

The Best Meditation and Benefits of Meditation

There is no best way to meditate. My common meditation is sitting myself comfortably, trying to remove as much thought as possible from the mind then settle into the silence, with no preconceived intention or result in mind. Of course, however much, you try to remove thought there will always be thoughts rising and the trick is to just observe them. I find this meditation makes me settle quicker into the meditative state and I go deeper and it raises my vibrational frequency.

I find that sometimes I have a ‘feel’ for guided meditation, especially if there is something in particular I would like to meditate on, if it is a group meditation, or when I’m just looking for a “quick fix”. This is recommended especially when one is still getting used to meditating, but guided meditation can be very useful to those who have been meditating for decades also. With silent meditation there tends to be “getting lost in thought” if one is not used to just observing thought without judgement. The intention is to get lost in thoughtlessness. Also there can be moments of ‘dryness’ when there is great temptation to just end the meditation.

Meditation can be done with eyes open, but I find I concentrate better when my eyes are closed because it also eliminates the sight sense. Regardless of whether your eyes are closed or opened ‘concentrating’ on the tip of the nose is ‘there’; ‘there’ being at the point of concentration. That is, if you are doing Silent/Still meditation.

Photo By Benjamin Balazs

It is evident that it is young people that mostly get bombarded with an overdose of sensory input through mobile phones, television and diet that is becoming less and less organic. If young people are to maintain some level of sanity there has to be a tool that seeks to “unplug” us, and meditation is proving more and more to be that tool. Not only as a way to unplug but as a way of life to better health,  higher consciousness and ‘living in the present moment’.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is meditation that facilitates consciousness transcendence, which is basically achieving a heightened state of being/consciousness. It can be done with certain mantras (sound repetitions), but it is also possible to achieve transcendence with any way of meditation. That it became popular through being practiced with mantras does not necessarily mean transcendence cannot be achieved without mantras.

Mantras are very helpful in aiding concentration hence their popularity. Sometimes the technicality in terminology can complicate that which is simple. A mother doting on her new born baby can achieve consciousness transcendence without any mantra. The young lady in love can achieve transcendence and enter into a state of bliss just by thinking of her lover.

Any concentration achieved with any meditation is transcendent in nature because, “you have transcended your previous state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness”. The very act of showing kindness in a situation that might seem not deserving of kindness is transcendent, which means the one showing kindness has transcended the consciousness (which was low) of the environment and showed a heightened level of being which was not previously part of the environment.

That in its emergence transcendental meditation became a hit with celebrities is because it works. That it has continued to be endorsed by many celebrities is because it works. Oprah Winfrey, Mick Jagger, The Beatles, Deepak Chopra, Miguel, Eva Mendes, Katy Perry and many more find meditation to be very beneficial, but much more ‘day to day’ people have taken to transcendental meditation because, honestly speaking, it is the future.

Photo by Arul

12 scientifically proven benefits of Meditation

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Controls anxiety
  3. Promotes emotional health
  4. Enhance self-awareness
  5. Lengthens attention span
  6. Reduces Memory loss
  7. Generates compassion
  8. May help fight addictions
  9. Improves sleep
  10. Helps control pain
  11. Can decrease blood pressure
  12. Facilitates peacefulness

A Short Meditation to Overcome Fear

After using your technique to come to a state of relaxation. (This can be as simple as taking three or more deep breaths of breathing slow and deep, and exhaling slow and long). Now imagine all the fears that you have and see them for the illusions that they are because in reality fear doesn’t exist but is born because there is an absence of love. Therefore, choose love over fear. They may be fears of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of the unknown, fear of disappointment etc.

Imagine those fears as shadowy smokey substance that permeates your cells. Now imagine that as you breathe in you are breathing in whitish gold light that permeates your whole cellular structure. As you slowly breath out imagine that this shadowy substance cannot exist in the same space in which you have breathed the pure whitish gold light, so imagine it leaving with every exhale.

Breathe in deeply and slowly, exhale slowly and long until you feel that your body is filled with this whitish goldish light and there is no trace of the shadowy stuff. At every instance that any fears crops up, do the same love visualisation and breathe in and out. Even if it is two breaths in cases where you need to get rid of the fear quickly.

Recommended Time: 10 mins

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How A Super Moon And An Equinox Could Mean A New, Better You!

Written by Khayisile Msebenzi

This Super Moon and Equinox could mean a better you, a better version of yourself, if you let it, and if you take charge and don’t just let life happen to you can create your life consciously.

March 20th 2019 is special because of the Super Moon that is falling on an Equinox, the Autumn Equinox for us in the Southern Hemisphere.  This will happen again in 2038!  It is an alignment that only happens every 19 years.  An equinox is when the Sun is directly above Earth, the Earth usually sits at an angle to the Sun.  The reason this changing in tilt happens, aligning earth directly to the Sun, is because the Earth’s tilt is changing.  So for us in the Southern Hemisphere this Autumn Equinox marks the beginning of Autumn and means we are tilting away from the Sun and so starts colder weather. 

Autumn Equinox showing that the Earth’s Axis is changing and Southern Hemisphere will tilt away from the Sun.

We have a few super-moons occurring in a year, and don’t get tired yet of people getting hyped about the moons and other celestial bodies and events going forward, this is because times are changing, whether you are spiritual, religious or just a compassionate human trying hard to be good, you should get excited by celestial happenings, because we are celestial beings and we are affected by them.  That is why nature is very closely affected by celestial events such as where the moon is or where the sun is, and is also affected by our impact as humans on the celestial body of our mother earth, through our over consumption and pollution.

It is no mistake and it is not meaningless, nothing in nature is meaningless, but we get so caught up with every day living that we don’t align with nature or take cues from nature.

The best art has been inspired by nature, so it is with this wisdom that we look to nature on how to maximize on the benefits of the bounty offered by the change of seasons.  Because although we may not enjoy Autumn and Winter because they keep us indoors, there are some benefits we can derive and learn from nature to make our lives better. 

Photo by Jakob Owens

With the Autumn Equinox upon us, the trees talk of shedding the old in preparation for the new.  Energy of strain, stress and concern over day to day worries can accumulate to the point that you feel top heavy, what better time than now is there to shed that with Autumn?  With the help of the full moon for cleansing there is no better time to remove the old, which does not serve you and create space for the new, which is in tune with your goals and vision.

Being the custodians of the feminine principle it is time to also uncloak the filters that channel the feminine principle, is your femininity in tune with the times and seasons or is it held back by dated beliefs?  With the high energy of the equinox, the feminine principle awaits to present itself to every custodian ready to sing the melody that is in tune with the season.

Photo by Marteus Bertelli

Autumn prepares us for the hibernation of winter and bonding with the new in you, do not miss the opportunity to shed stagnant energies, habits that drain you, and just clearing the spaces in your life, inside and out, now in Autumn so that in winter you start bonding with your new ideals whilst in hibernation.  Use winter to deeply re-evaluate and re-plan so that in winter you are planning out your execution and preparing your mindset to go for what is new, use winter to nourish and revitalize yourself. 

Autumn is for removing the weeds so that you plant in winter and you start blossoming in spring.  If weeds are not removed, what is meant to grow will be stunted by the weeds and will not be able to grow to its full potential.

Here are 3 things you can do now as Autumn begins to remove the weeds and remove the stale energy:

  1. Spend time for the rest of this month writing down and examining the things that didn’t seem to be clear, evaluate if they are clearer now? Are you still unhappy in your relationship? Unhappy at work? Not clear which career to follow?  The Full Moon brings energies of clarity and are best to use to meditate to find the answer from within you.
  • If you are big on social media or on the social scene, decrease the time you spend on social media, this includes WhatsApp and other messaging.  The aim is to create some quiet in your life so you can see the weeds in your life.  If you are constantly “busy” you can’t see the weeds.
  • This month ends the first quarter of the year, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals and whether you are executing according to plan.  Did you have too many goals? Too few goals? Over-ambitious or under-ambitious?
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Cry, the Beloved Mzansi

Increasingly crime and violence in South Africa has been brought to my attention. It has gotten to the point where we hear horrific stories in the news that make us feel both outraged and demoralised at the same time. We live in a sea of distractions, just as you focus on something, something else happens and draws your attention to it making it difficult to remain focused on the big picture.

What is the big picture for South Africa?

Well, the big picture is as Nelson Mandela said, “I dream of an Africa which is at peace with itself”. A harmonious, loving and dynamic Africa. In fact, sometimes it seems like the whole world is on fire, not only our beloved continent and there are so many things going wrong globally. In the spiritual community they say focus on the positive, what can you learn from the chaos?

Well, I think in South Africa’s case we can learn to be united even as a people of diverse backgrounds. Apartheid and colonialism, were violent crimes against humanity and their legacy has left South Africa very fragmented. It is within the fragmentation that lawlessness is able to thrive as we are not meeting the societal challenge head on but rather are choosing to deal with crime separately yet it affects us all.

Apartheid functioned in such a way that it purposefully created tears in the social fabric of the community. With policies such as the Group Areas Act, and the migrant labour system that intentionally destroyed the bedrock of African familial structure. These tears caused many silent tears.

Apartheid policies separated south Africa according to race, the affluent areas were the white areas. A small portion of land that was inarable was designated to black people far away from the urban economic centres. So, the black man who in a patriarchal society is the head of the family, had to leave the home and live temporarily in urban areas away from his family and send money home, as the family wasn’t allowed to live in white areas.

Photo by Evan Kirby

Relocation (among other state interventions) was therefore seen as part of a broad state agenda of dividing (and therefore weakening) the common bonds between dominated classes by the location and relocation of black people into ethnically-divided Bantustans or homelands. Disorganisation and fragmentation are depicted as essential to the maintenance of class exploitation by preventing unified resistance, blocking claims to common citizenship, and keeping wages low

T. Emmett of the Child, Youth and Family Development Research Programme, Human Sciences Research Council.

With the family structure broken women too had to go seek work as domestic servants of white people. Leaving the black child vulnerable and isolated.

With the disruption of families and communities, children were the main victims, as they had to cope with the absence of parents, neglect, malnutrition, domestic violence and abuse

T. Emmett

At the hands of the apartheid state these broken-down children, grow up to be broken adults who do not support their children. And so, we have generations of broken adults and young people who grow up thinking brutality and social alienation is normal. Its normal to live in a community that is not connected. But disintegration is the opposite of the word community. Apartheid dehumanisation created inhumane living conditions and we are still dealing with the repercussions of this crime against humanity. Ironically, it is apartheid that was uncivilised as it intentionally disorganised civil society. Although the removal of the oppressive system has been implemented legally. Socially, we still live in a divided society and an uncivil, civilisation.

photo by Heather M Edwards

So, we need the return of a humane, humanity. Where we see ourselves within each other, that another person is not a separate entity that I am disconnected from. But that you are another myself. I think when we change our perspective to this, we will naturally uplift ourselves and one another. No one enjoys living in fear and mistrust. Building higher walls, gating neighbourhoods, erecting electric fences and setting alarms is a short-term solution for a long-term problem. Paradoxically, increasing private security is not going to create the desired sense of safety. You still feel vulnerable to violent crime within your guarded home.

Inequality is the known instigator of violent crime. Everyone needs to contribute to the economic development of South Africa; however, the high unemployment rate puts the burden of this task, on employed people.

How are we to address inequality?

I don’t have all the answers but I know that love is the answer to our cries of distress. We need to heal from the past, love our children, all of them not just the ones from your home, or neighbourhood. The adults who are walking around broken committing these violent crimes, need to choose for themselves to heal internally, and unify their thoughts, actions and intentions with love. This is the true meaning of empowerment. When you are in alignment with love, everything in your life shifts for the better. The government is not going encourage self-empowerment cause then they will lose voters who are relying on the government to empower the community.

“The miracle is this, the more we share, the more we have”

Leonard Nimoy

So, altogether as individuals we need to address inequality this is quote in mind. We need to find work that is both empowering to oneself and the community at large. Dedicate our lives to this mission, and I know this will create personal happiness and the harmonious community we all want to live in.

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3 Reasons You Deserve To Live Your Best Life

Many of us girls have been taught that we need to make our loved ones happy, be it our parents or our lovers. And of course, this is a noble request. All people need to be supportive and respectful of others. And, all people, including us girls deserve to have our dreams come true. Yes, we have our financial goals and academic ambitions but on a deeper level, our dreams can be, to simply be happy.

Happiness is an emotion, but it is also a state of mind that is consciously chosen. This is not to say that depression is a choice and there is sometimes a societal lack of understanding on depression. However, you do choose your beliefs. Therefore, believe in yourself. Seek your best life.

Photo by @Nappy

We’re here to tell you that your best life is possible. This may seem obvious but sometimes, subconsciously or even consciously people do not believe they are worthy of, or even capable of, feeling predominantly joyful, inspired and empowered.  These emotions and your best life are a reward within themselves. But in case you need further convincing, I am going to tell you why you deserve to live your best life.

  1. Its good for the community, society and humanity. When you are inspired there is progress, there is excellence. And girl, you are capable of excellence.  When you are jujuvated your creativity and productivity goes through the roof. If uplifting the community is your desire, you will be most of service when you are happy. Yes, feeling good, is good for you but it is a blessing to society. Who knows what you can invent? What problems you could solve when all your faculties are stimulated.  Therefore, you deserve to live your best life because it is a doorway to infinite possibility.
  2. It’s justice. Living your best life is liberation. This is what our beloved elders fought for in the struggle against apartheid and colonialism. Being female too comes with its barriers and if you want to right this wrong, become the feminine leader we have all been waiting for. Not for fame or clout, you can be an inspiration even if it is just for your little sister.
  3. You are a spark of the divine. Congratulations, you are alive. You are worthy. You deserve to live your best life because your consciousness is unique, powerful and unlimited. It pleases God when you are happy. It makes the ancestors smile. And, don’t you want to make your loved ones in heaven cheer?
Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi